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Permenent damage?

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So basically for the passed 3 weeks iv been using an acne treatment called Zineryt and everythings been going great its gotten rid of all my white heads i just have visible hyper pigmentation now and a decent amount of it and I heard using a glycolic facial cleanser can help speed the process up for this sort of thing, so i bought one the other day which i will put at the end of the topic, so i used the product dampened my face and used it and idk i may have used a large amount like a full finger tip on each cheek and i could feel my face burning it was only on for around 20 seconds max and i washed it off, my face was red and it has been red for the the whole day now and its been 14hours since, the area did feel sore but not anymore its just slightly red idk if i have burnt my skin or just had an allergic reaction? or if the two products have caused the issue? i'm just wondering does this sound like the redness will be permanent or will it fade? thanks guys.

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You should goto the doctor if it is too serious.

Acid peels as you know can irritate the skin and or burn it. If it's allergy, it will go away or you can take a antihistamine / a few days. If it's a burn it will stay red. Have you tried putting aloe vera and honey on it? Or triple antibiotic. The redness will most likely fade if you keep the wound moist. After laser they use Vaseline and once per day they dilute (water) white vinegar with a clean gauze and pat the area before re applying.  

Stay out of the sun, and do not use any more products until you heal fully. No water that is to hot right now. Aloe helps many who burn. 

You can also brew some green tea or use a wet bag on your face to calm it, (not warm, cool to the touch).

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It wasn't an acid peel it was just a acid cleanser like what you just gently rinse your face with not an actual chemical peel, i mean now it is just slightly red it is quite difficult to tell but if you look close you can see it is slightly red idk if that is just from my acne treatment and will fade once i stop using it i mean i dont believe its a burn because it doesn't hurt to touch or anything.

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Glad to hear your doing better, sounds like your sensitive to something. 

Stop all treatments, you can't use acne treatment with acid cleansers, that is doubling up. You need to normalize and see whats causing the issue. 

The cleanser has acid in it regardless of peel or not it will have some of the same results. 

Then when you get back to normal, (hopefully your moisturizing) , you can add the cleanser or the acne treatment and see if it does it again. Just one at a time to start. You could very well be allergic to the cleanser if you have had no issue with your other products.

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