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Pop or don't pop pimples before bp?

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Do you all pop or don't pop your pimples before you apply the BP? I haven't been on these two pimples and they don't seem to be going away all that quickly. But I don't know if poping them will do anything but make them bigger and stay longer.

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if they feel like they're going to come out without problems then do it.

I don;t know how about you but I can tell if it will come out easily or not just by touching it

so squeeze a just little bit if it won't come out then stop and try the next day.

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NO don't you will scar,

But if its filled with puss then u can poke it with a clean pin and gentilly sqeeze out the puss. Other wise no.

Any white heads I get in the morning when i wake up i usually pop them with a needle/pin and squeeze the puss out and then apply the bp right over that. This morning I had one on the side of my cheek bone kind of by my eye and after i popped it and applied the bp this morning it is already gone now. My healing time for new breakouts has increased to almost overnight at times. Other big ones take maybe an extra day as opposed to the 5-7 days before i was even on dans bp. But in my experience, it works better to pop pimples before you apply bp, but i only pop the whitehead that take very little effort to pop. Any pimples that seem like that just wont pop, i leave them until they are ready as to not irritate it or make it worse.

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yeah do it before, because when ya put the bp over the popped pimple, because for me, it helps to close the opening of the pimple faster....plus you are putting the benzoyl INSIDE THE pimple ya just popped instead to help promote healing faster...mine usually are gone the next day

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if its a big oozing zit begging to be popped, lance it gently with a sterile needle and then squeeze GENTLY with tissue on your fingers until the puss comes out. Stop when it starts the bleed or when clear liquid comes out. I have found that it helps to pop really big gross zits after I wash at night, then wait the 15 minute waiting period (dabbing off the clear liquid that usually oozes out, with a tissue, while I read or go online).. then I rewash my hands and apply the bp gel, then wait more, then apply lotion, then I spot treat the zit with a glob of bp, and in the morning it is usually a much smaller, much more healed area. Just my experience. If it needs to be popped, do it, and then put a big glob of Bp on it overnight to let it heal. The bp definitely helps bring down the inflammation, but it will still be red (unfortunately). Best of luck!

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I always pop the major ones before applying bp. It seems that if the pore is open, more bp will enter the pimple=more effective. If you arent used to popping pimples and you cant do it w/out scarring then dont do it.

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