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Doctors won't prescribe me accutane... What are my options?

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Hey guys, wondering if anybody has any advice.....

I'm a 24-year-old male.  5'10" 135-140 lbs very active.  I've had cystic acne all over my back, chest, and arms for over two years now.  I have tried amoxicillin, ampicillin, Bactrim (allergic), cephalexin, doxycycline (two times), minocycline, Oracea, Zithromax (allergic), tetracycline, Lamisil, and Ketoconazole.  I have used benzoyl peroxide 10%, salicylic acid, and Retin-A.  I have had gram stains done on skin cultures to test for the presence of harmful/foreign bacteria and all came back negative.  I have tried expensive moisturizers and cleansers from Kiehls, Origins, and Murad.  I have tried oil free soaps.  Unscented detergents.  I clean my sheets twice a week.  I use a new bath towel every day.  I am vegetarian.  I don't drink milk or eat much dairy.  I don't eat gluten regularly.  I exercise regularly, and I have tried to see if skin would improve in the absence of exercise due to sweat.  I have a regular sleep schedule and always get 8 hrs of sleep.  Nothing has helped.  Doctor is telling me I am not a candidate for Accutane and refusing to refer me to another doctor.  I have been told I look like a methamphetamine addict and been made fun of by tons of people over the past few years.  I have lost a ton of friends due to being made fun of/being antisocial and not wanting to go out in situation where people can see my acne.  I have been single and cannot focus on my work.  Not motivated to move forward to a new job until my acne is cleared up.  I never had acne until 22.  Now I have scars on my torso and arms...  What are my options at this point?  I have changed primary care doctors three times due to moving/unwilling to work with me.  I have seen three different dermatologists and given them access to all of my medical records.  I have tried holistic medicine.....  I feel like I am out of options at this point...

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Hi Phillip. Just read your post on your situation and would like to ask the reason why they're so hesitant to prescribe you roaccuntane? 
I am a 20 year old female and suffered acne on and off since I was about 14. I had to go through all the topical lotions and anti bitoics when I was 15 until they referred me to the derm who put me on accutane for 5 months. You hear horror stories about it but for me it was my magic answer . It was amazing gave me the clearest most even skin ever. Side effects dry skin and dandruff and nose bleeds but didn't care cus I wanted clear skin so bad. My skin was fine for years until recently I went on the pill and come off it and it's disrupted all my hormones. It will be different for you cus you're male but I think for you it's due to hormones too. I went to the docs and he said I have to try anti bitoics before referring me again. I can't describe how much it's affected my confidence like you, and no one understands unless hey have it. As a student I'm always around people so want clear skin.  My advice would be push for accutane. They told me my acne was mild but gave me that drug so don't see why they shouldn't. The key is to lay it on thick, tell them how bad it is. I got called dramatic by my own gp but got the answers I wanted. I'll be going back to get referred . I've looked at buying it online too but there are risks as the drug needs to be closely monitored due to effects on the liver and cholesterol. Sorry for the essay!! Hope this helps. :) Lotte 

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Thank you for your response Lotte_oxx, I have a few hypotheses on why they are hesitating to prescribe me with accutane.

I am prescribed Adderall XR for adhd and have had no former history of drug abuse, yet somehow it always comes up as a red flag for physicians.  I have even indicated that I would be willing to cease treatment with Adderall during the course of treatment if there is a contraindication.

anyway, other thing is the first derm I saw was a traveling dermatologist.  SHE ended moving after prescribing me with Retin-A and there was no dermatologist who took her place at the clinic who could continue my treatment.

Went through the full course of a few more antibiotics.

second dermatologist performed the skin cultures that came back negative and told me she didn't know where to go with my treatment merely 5 days after seeing me...  I told her that I could not justify the time and expense of traveling 4 hrs to see a doctor who wasn't even sure what she would prescribe me.

a few weeks later I was referred to a derm for the purpose of inquiring about accutane and found out at that visit that she could not prescribe at that clinic.  She put me on my second round of doxycycline/benzoyl peroxide and said I need to follow up 6 weeks after treatment.  Obviously i was dissatisfied because I have been on 4 other tetracycline treatments in the past year...

i have seen no results on this regimen (2 weeks in) and told her that I want to follow up with a different derm who has more treatment options available to me even if they are not accutane. She explicitly told me that if this doxycycline fails she will be out of options, yet she is also refusing to refer me to another physician even though I expressed concerns with following up with a physician who has told me there are no other options for me at her office.  i plan to finish the 6 week treatment, but i honestly do not feel comfortable following up with a doctor who has said she cannot provide me with any other treatments for the mere purpose of receiving a referral.

i  think that even with a medical history in  their hands, the physicians are hesitant to work with me because they have not overseen all of my treatments even though they have only been under different doctors for relocation reasons...

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