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Just curious what everyone is avoiding because it causes break outs.

For me, dairy is my worst enemy. I can't enjoy ice cream, milk, or moderate quantities of yogurt without paying the price. I have found that kefir is ok though, probably due to the added bacteria helping me digest the lactose. I haven't noticed anything else though.

What about you? What foods cause you to break out? I have heard stories that citrus and other weird foods cause some to break out.

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After 2 years of pain and hurt trying to figure it out, for me personally I was able to know it is 2 things:

1) Sugar
2) Diary

I am of south east asian descent where alot of our normal dishes uses alot of sugar and I realise that when I started cooking myself I didnt use as much sugar as when i eat outside or my family cook - my skin improved alot. When i say alot I really mean alot. 

I spent so long figuring out how to improve my skin, and really one of the biggest cause was so simple... just sugar. 

The next one for me is diary - this one i'm not 100% sure but I used to have habit of buying chocolate milk in the morning before school and now work. Before I did nto think about it that much but after I tried to take a look about everything in my diet and noticed that 2-3 days after drinking milk, my skin would get slightly bad. 1-2 pimples around the mouth and chin area. 

So after I cancel diary entirely, but sugar consumption is hard to avoid where I live - I decrease it ALOT my skin improve much more than any cream. Now i still have marks but new pimples come alot less. I gave this tips to my younger brother and he found same improvements - same same genes ;)


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