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Plan to go to the US this summer, please help!

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OK so I've a chance to go America this summer! Have a job offer for summer soccer camp coaching, unsure what to do.

On one hand, I'd love to go, see the country, travel all around and see the place.
Sadly that options not as simple as it seems, as I still have acne and food intolerances, which im currently working on to try and heal with probiotics and the GAPS diet. 

So I'm hoping to be able to eat more food by the time the summer comes around, but the american food supply as we all know is...you know, predominantly crap. Every time I eat the intolerances (dairy/gluten/sugar/additives) I break out.

Is it possible for me to do this??

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First off, I completely agree that the food quality is crap here but there are stores that specialize in healthy, unadulterated products (though the prices are usually a little higher).  With that said If you notice that your acne gets worse from your GAPS diet I would recommend backing off on the probiotics and looking into SIBO, as it correlates with leaky gut food intolerances. Most of the time if you are dealing with SIBO, introducing too many probiotic rich foods too early will only add to the problem.  Good luck with everything. 

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Hey thanks for the reply.

At first probiotics broke me out, introduced them ages ago, they don't anymore.
Drinking bone broth for ages now also. I was thinking that I never really consumed something that actually colonizes the gut (kefir), just sauerkraut mainly.
Got labs tests done a year ago that confirmed I didn't have sibo.
The milk kefir isn't breaking me out, guess that's a good sign! 
Have tried antifungals countless times before (oil of oregano, acv etc).
So I'm hoping the kefir is the last piece of the puzzle!
If that doesn't work I honestly give up

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