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Clearing acne

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Currently I have clear skin after trying every drug store brand, organic oils, caveman regimen (this worked but dried my skin out..lots of dead skin..no acne at alllllllll), laser treatments, and prescriptions such as Retin A, Differin, etc. had acne for 8 years..after high school. I had a little bit in high school when I hardly washed my face. When I was simple and gentle (that's key). 

I have clear skin due to Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser, using it without water and rubbing it off with my hands or a washcloth. No water ever touches my face. I don't everrrrrr get acne.  You're actually suppose to use this without water and people miss that. That's why the Cleanser doesn't work for them. Now some have used it without water and it still doesn't work. I have other explanations as to why: you're not forming a creamy white lather that gathers dead skin build up (reason for acne), you're drying out your skin which causes it to produce more oil, your scrubbing too hard which causes dehydrated skin (dryness and oiliness at the same time -acne thrives), etc. With trial and error, the Cleanser got rid of acne and keeps it away. I use no water with it as instructed on the bottle, it already has purified water in it so my skin gets cleaned. Also there is a reason it instructs you to not use water....water dries your skin out like the times you've been swimming in a pool and your skin looks wrinkly. Yup. That's right. Water is evil. Water is at a nuetral ph and our acid mantle is acidic. We need a balance of sebum that's acidic to kill acne. Products that are alkaline or even water at a 7 ph dries your skin out and then you produce more oil to compensate for a lack of sebum and water inside your skin. Skin is made of oils..water..and fats and that's why we need moisture which is designed like our skin. We must not strip our acid mantle (ph is at a 4.5 to 6.5). And Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser is at the right ph for the skin to keep keep acne away.

Anyway...I have clear skin now but want to add a moisturizer so my barrier is protected. I heard the Cetaphil Lotion is great with the Cleanser. The lotion is acidic which should keep acne away...

I will use the Cleanser w.o water which is proven to work but now I'll add the lotion. I use my Cleanser once a night but since I'm adding lotion I may cleanse twice a day and add lotion for every cleanse (for two months). I will rub for 30 seconds with Cleanser and whipe off. Then use the lotion ...pea drop per cheek and forehead...chin. Very little amounts. I will also use minimal Cetaphil Gentle a Cleanser. Eventually I will cleanse only once a day and moisturize once dead skin build up goes down..which is why acne forms. 

Day one: 4 new pimples on forehead (that's ok bc I have dead skin build up and the lotion works to minimize this ..acne pulls up from the hair follicle at the start. Even with the Cleanser I broke out at first and cleared up within 4 weeks. Clear skin since then)

Keep u updated!!! 


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