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First ever acne breakout at 19

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Hi I've had good skin my entire life I'd get a spot on rare occasions during high school but that's about it I'd get them occasionally I've never had acne before and I think I may have developed it I could be wrong I'm not fully sure.

during Christmas I got two pimples and that was a shock because I've never had two before on my face, few days later they were drying out and I was relieved. My face was more or less clear and back to how it was again but then few days after that I noticed few red bumps on my face and they then developed into pustules and since then I've been constantly breaking out, seems like everyday since and I don't know what to do I've never ever had breakouts before.

ive been using a clearasil cleanser for the past month even before I started  constantly breaking out it's been 4-5 weeks and I was initially using aveeno moisturiser but then read about non comegenic moisturisers so I purchased Cetaphil. I've adopted simple skin care routine i wash face twice a day and apply neutrogena mask once a week. I also apply tea tree lol or sudocrem to the pustules as they're both antiseptic. I've stopped using tea tree oil though just makes my skin dry.

I hope you guys can give me advice could this be some sort of infection I'm just worried because I've never experienced anything like this before nobody in my family have acne or skin issues

Timeline from 29th December to present I've taken photos from different stages the last two photos were taken today I feel upset looking at this seems like someone else all this has happened in a month. I've been told by few people if I get it treated early then it won't be as difficult to get rid of but I don't know whether my skin is going to get better since I've adopted skin care regiment my skin keeps getting worse is this just purging?? 










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