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dear acne..thank you for destroying my life, my being. for making me feel like i'm nothing. i tried to ignore you and act like it doesn't matter, i wanted to fight you..i wanted to believe that im beautiful even when you're there, but i can't. i lost myself and i can't even look at my eyes or my face anymore because it scares me, because i don't know why you're still saluting me everyday after all that iv'e tried to make you go away. you are not welcome! youa are never welcome. why don't you just get it? please go away and never come back..you are so evil that i wouldn't wish you on the person i hate the most in this world. your existence is completely absurd..and because i have to deal with you on a daily basis, you have made mine completely absurd as well. i can't have a peaceful life and i can't be friends with myself anymore. i can't even look at people without feeling so terrible about myself. i don't want to meet my friends anymore..i don't want them to see how depressed i am and i dont wanna have to explain the whole thing. i just can't do anything like a normal person. i feel like i don't belong to this world anymore. i feel completely shattered and severely depressed. i don't want to leave this world but i don't want to have to deal with you for the rest of my life. please go away. leave me the fuck alone. i did everything to make you go away and now im on accutane praying to not get side effects and to just be done with this whole shit so please make your way out as soon as possible because i just can't deal with you anymore. im so exhausted. im in pain. i just hate you, i really fucking do.

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