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Red marks after spots going. Help pls!!!(pics)

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Hi I've been on triclin for about a month now and I am noticing some improvement. The majority of my spots on my forehead have gone down significantly however a few still remain. However I have been left it's big red marks where the spots used to be which now makes it look like I still have spots there when there isn't any. I never popped my spots and was wondering if there is anything I can do to help these red marks.  Also I took pictures throughout the process and have noticed that around the 2 week mark my forehead got considerably bad and I had a big breakout where I previously didny very spots. I have attached pictures of my forehead hopefully you can help. I realise that my acne isn't terrible however it's having a big impact on  self confidence I am 18 and only got these spots 5 moths ago. Thank you.  
The one with blonde hair is when I started the  treatment,  the middle is 2 weeks in  the last is today. 





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I was suffering with the exact same thing, what I found worked me was putting some lemon juice on the red areas for five minutes every night. I saw results within 3-4 weeks and although they haven't completely gone away, the improvement have been amazing! Would post photos but haven't got the confidence yet to, Hope this helps x

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