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What is going on, huge breakouts at 22 again

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I have had acne since 13 going 22 now, Im a male and for a period i has ok skin, but what had leftover from acne was redmarks and huge holes from very large cysts.

Now my back acne is really starting to breakout again with large painful cysts, on my chest too, front and back of my neck. These pimples go deep into the skin and are hard and painful, i mean as a 22 i shouldnt be reliving the same shit that happened as when i were 13 ,

it already left holes in my face if i have to go trough 9 years of pain which leaves holes in my face and back with blood sheeets from the backacnes cysts popping during my sleep i might fucking jus give up,

as a man it shouldt bother me as much but i just moved to a new place and about to start a new school and i already have self esteem issues, as im planning to  to a chef school and cook food and serve it to the people there having this shit on my face really fucks me over as hygiene is strict being a chef. 

Is Accutane my only option?

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