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So since my last post which was almost 6 months ago my skin was doing really well no break outs my scars were fading - picture from my last post - those have now faded but as I mentioned last tI me it's a constant cycle with my skin. Just before Christmas I broke out quite badly around my jawline - which was either to do with a new bread I started eating (daily) or new oil I started using - I stopped both immediately! 

So I broke out on both left and right hand side of my face (not too concerned with left) but soon after I broke out again and again on the right with spots appearing on my cheeks and also on upper cheek/below eye. - my spot treatment was not working, even tried peppermint oil and I was so afraid of it darkening I decided to use a product which also had 2% hydroquonine in it during the night to spot treat, during the day I'd use essential lemon oil to spot treat and also glycolic acid gel 4% ... I thought this method was working really well as my skin was peeling and the marks were light BUT then they started getting darker and the surrounding skin was getting lighter - making it really difficult to cover up and my skin is uneven toned so I've stopped  The hydroquonine product and I'm now using aloe Vera twice a day and glycol is gel at night. I will attach a picture (I assure you it looks worse once person) but please suggest anything that'll help! Do you think I should go see a dr? If any of yous have seen a dr about  the same issue what did they recommend? I would've thought my skin would've gotten better since Christmas but it's gone from bad to worse! 

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I had something similar they looked like that before i got these large marks due to benzoyl peroxide DO NOT USE ON THOSE MARKS, what I did to get rid of them was massage the area with aloe vera, I did this for a week or two and they began to dry up, I exfoliated my skin and they were completely gone afterwards.


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