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Life after the regimen...now what?

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So I recently stopped using the Acne.org regimen after almost 2 months. Unfortunately, my skin and the BP was not a harmonious match. The discomfort from my dry, flaky, itching skin was becoming too uncomfortable and unsightly AND these small red pimples were beginning to appear. 
So my question is...what are some product lines or other regimens former users of Acne.org regimen transitioned too?

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Have you tried homoepathy? I have been doing it for 3 months and my acne has improved about 50% The homoepathic doctor told me by the end it would improve by 90% and then just a simple oil could keep me clear. Find a homoepathic doctor. If my acne improves 90% I will tell you guys but so far im happy with 50% I don't break out nearly as much no big pimples very small ones  and thats because of exam stress right now so Idk I got high hopes!

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There's still plenty of things that can help. Firstly, the Regimen was not quite enough to clear up my son. So in addition to the Regimen, he also took 100 mgs minocycline for 3 months, plus several weeks of tretinoin (.05% cream). Now he maintains his clear skin with the Regimen alone.

Supplements can also do wonders...try adding 50 mgs of zinc gluconate, 3000 - 5000 IU of D3, 10,000 IU of vitamin A, and a high-potency EPA omega 3 fish oil to your diet...all these things are terrific for calming inflammation!! My son also takes 1,800 mgs of NAC ("knack"...n-acetylcysteine) daily...this helps cleanse the liver, eliminating toxins via stool. People carrying excess toxins are more apt to develop acne, regardless of family history.  And he drinks a cup of bone broth daily, also very healthful and cleansing! (so do I!)

If the Regimen alone did not help, this can provide some benefit! Good luck with whatever you decide!! :)


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