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For those of us who have REALLY tried everything.

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Alright, so ill just a quick rundown. Like many people here - I had TERRIBLE acne as soon as I hit puberty. My diet was shit and never made the connection. I went to the dermatologist for a few years, nothing worked, parent kept saying "It'll go away naturally", fast foreward to 2014, im now 21 y/o and its barely any better - havn't had a clear face in almost 10 years - Not a SINGLE DAY. Get on accutane, because i'de honestly rather die than continue living like this. 6 months go by, shits awesome, bones hurn ect. Even my managers were complementing ect, bad scars ect. 

Decide to try and get rid of scars, lazer treatment, doesn't work (looks kinda worse actually). Start looking for other options while saving money.
Then it comes back, slowly getting worse than before.  My social life i band-aided together starts falling apart. Had nightmares of this happening, literally the worst case scenario. Read about Brian Turner on YT, and decide its probably my diet - because absolutely nothing else makes sense. Ive done everything and sleep like a damn vampire for fucks sake. Already cut out dairy, but ate some yogurt and cheese so i thought i'de wait to see if that was the cause, Nope. Next, cut out everything processed - nothin. Read that bread and grains have inflammatory properties, bye bye breads :'). Still nothing. So now here i am, sitting with a fridge full of rabbits food and chicken (no read meat!) (also keep those fruits low! too high in sugar!). I have a nice plate of a few chicken breast and spinach for dinner with a glass of green tea. Wake up and it's only gotten worse (inb4 omega 3 meme). 

What the fuck am i suppose to eat? NO processed foods, no bread, no meats (except fish, which i have to drive 30 miles to find a store that sells fish(which is fucking expensive))no dairy, no added sugars, and low fruits. All thats left is Vegetables, and im told you can't survive on them alone. Am i just fucekd? Im 23 and look like a fucking angry moon. I broke up with my gf becouse i knew it was coming back and didn't want her to see me like this. I've tried the omega 6 suppliments, i've tried the probiotics (including brewing my own water kefir), i've tried the collidal silver, i went to the dentist to check my teeth, i exercise regulary and do manual labour at work, i've even tried starving myself.

Im out of fucking ideas man. I don't know a SINGLE other person in real life who suffers like i do. And i don't want any sympathy, im way past that point. The worst part, is even if i ever do finally get cleared - my psyche has been destroyed. My grandmothers on her death bed and i don't feel anything. I was ready to die years ago, I feel like someone is doing this to me on purpose - like a fucked up game. I even delved into the supernatural and did a blood ritual and carved a symbol into my thigh. People say shit like "would you rather be a starving child in africa", yea, any day of the week. 

I still feel pains from the accutane in my bones, but i think its my only option at this point. I'de rather deal with physical pain than keep going on like this.
But if you think you know whats wrong with me, i'de like to hear it i guess.


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Since you've tried everything I'll suggest things that are usually forgotten about:

No masturbation method. There are users here that claim they only get acne when they masturbate.

Are you physically fit?And by that I mean are you able to execute the most basic yoga moves? Do you feel pain doing handstands and headstands?

I believe highly that knots in our body (the ones massage therapists work out) stop the body from healing,and can shut off organs from lack of oxygen.. I am a massage therapist student, and I remove knots all over my body on a daily basis, and not only does it help with stress but my face is in good shape, I remove my own facial knots on a weekly basis.The knots sit on my cheekbones,and jaw line mostly. If you haven't had a knot removed it's hard to explain the sensation and benefits until lyou seem them for yourself.

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>No masturbation method. There are users here that claim they only get acne when they masturbate.
yea, tried it. went close to four months. And sorry about the emo dump i started the thread with. I just get frustrated when i really sit and realize what ive become. 

>Are you physically fit?And by that I mean are you able to execute the most basic yoga moves? Do you feel pain doing handstands and headstands?
yea, i went to the gym for a while with a relative and gained 30 pounds because i was pretty skinny. though, i can't really do handstands because
the blood flow explodes in my head and i feel like im going to blow. THough i have been jogging and stuff to clear up the  drainage system (forget what its called), to no avail.

as for your whole knot theory, i've heard so many of these things, detoxes, ect. Im pretty sure they're all bs, and know that most are (since ive tried most of them). For example, breathing regulates your bodies ph far more than food ever could. 

Ill check it out, but im not really holding out. I always seem to try something - it seems like it works for a day, then BAM - game over.

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What helps me stay clearer: no dairy except fermented dairy, no breads/grains, no processed sugar. Everything else is usually fine. I eat fruit like crazy, doesn't break me out. 

Also, exercise helps. 

We're all different though. 

That keeps me sort of clear, meaning I still have shit skin but no cysts. 

Im 27, my mind is definitely gone. I'm basically a hermit. 

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I honestly think the no masturbation method is kind of adsurb even though it MIGHT be working, I mean masturbation is just like sex, you ejaculate and this act is naturally encoded into our lives, how far can one endure before surrender to the temptation and then might breakout once again.

I think this is kinda impossible to maintain your entire lives in the same way of telling one not to touch their face in case of triggering acne when face is one part of your body, when you can touch your own hand, leg etc, why can't you touch face? Sometime you unintentionally touched it, sometimes you intentionally touch it due to some itches. Even when this not touching, not masturbating method has resulted in you not breaking out, what will you do when it comes to physical interaction with your partner? This seems to be not avoidable.

There must be some alternatives..

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please stop wasting your time with diet and shit. just go on a second round of accutane, this time a higher dosage to get rid of it for good. if you feel more physical pain then you can stop..

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Thanks for all the replies, but i thought i'de fill you in on a little more info. Part of this breakdown is because of the resurgence of acne after accutane, and the scars ect.

But there is an important piece of info i forgot about. I was clear (mostly) after accutane. 

So, while i was clear and confident, i wen't and got a gf and had some fun. Thing is, I got mono. Didn't know what it was or what the hell was going on, but i was bedridden (and im no bitch when it comes to physical pain) and could barely speak. Thing is, my doctor put me on antibiotics to get rid of it. (She was stupid as fuck btw, she literally looked up the problems i was having on a symptom checker and went through a checklist.) Of course, acne got worse and worse. I've had the ol' white tongue ever since, acne has exploded and have swollen lymph nodes (that have been getting better). 

Now, i've been trying pro-biotics and what not - and it's still not really working as is (water kefir right now), so im to assume then that my bacteria is all fucked. And i hate this shite, but it's the only logical assumption is that my bacterial balance is fucked up and i need to fix it. Also, im going to take a 'materialistic' approach to this. For example: Many studies seem to indicate pro-biotics do not have a significant influence towards gut flora (because of the extreme number of bacterial already existing), so alot of this tai chi shit is no goes. 

So, for any reasonable individuals out there who seem to know what is my next best step, or who are actually qualified in this sort of area, what now? Eat nothing but vegetables for a month and bleed 'em dry? Maybe eat a shit load of garlic? Im not sure i actually know what to do.

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