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Hi all!

I struggled with severe acne for a couple of years and was a big picker (honestly, don't do it guys, I can tell you first hand you'll regret it so much). After clearing my acne (I am starting to get a few pimples back as you'll see in the photos, but nothing like what it was) through an accutane course of roughly 7-8 months, I was left with some pretty decent scarring on my face, which has really dented my confidence. Thus, I decided to see a cosmetic dermatologist by the name of Dr Adrian Lim of uRepublic in Sydney, Australia, re minimising these scars.

Dr Lim decided the best thing for my scars was a procedure called "contour resurfacing", which involves a couple of different lasers and costs roughly $1600 (I can give you more details on the whole process, but generally the treatment itself involved minimal pain due to local anesthetic). He has recommended I have 2-3 treatments depending on my results.

I decided to go ahead with the resurfacing that he suggested, and had it done on the 12th of December 2016. After, I was left with a sore face for a few days, as well as quite a red face for 14 days - it is actually still a bit red now after a few weeks, however it is gradually improving and will completely heal over time. In fact, I've been told that the redness shows that the skin is still healing, so my results should only improve from here. 

Anyway, I am quite happy with the results after just one treatment, so I wanted to share them with you guys in case any of you are feeling a bit down and think there is no hope to improve your scars. I have only provided pictures of the left side of my face because, in all honesty, the scarring on that side was just so much worse than my right. 

I have uploaded four photos to the bottom of this post, two before photos which were taken in late November/early December and two after photos which were taken a couple of days ago - all which were taken in the same spot with the same lighting and no editing!!! A couple of pimples in the after shot take away from the results a bit, but ignoring those I think these are positive results.

FYI I am a 20 year old male.

Happy to answer any questions you have :D

TLDR - I have attached some before and after acne scar photos from a contour resurfacing procedure to the bottom of this post.

Before 1.png

Before 2.png

After 1.png

After 2.png

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1 hour ago, Eyeback said:

Do you know which laser(s) he used ?

Honestly, he told me, but I wasn't very attentive on the names of laser(s), just the process and results (I trusted he would choose the best laser for me).

The link below explains the procedure and aftercare etc. They just call it the "contours laser beam" in this. 


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Good results, but as your age is 20 means it can appear in future other pimples. Laser is not definitive solution, yeah it gives reasults, but acne it can appear again especially you still young.

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