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So I just finished my first pack of Yaz, and though I've of course spent hours reading about peoples' struggles with the initial breakout, I just wanted some advice. I had a horrible, debilitating full-face acne breakout over the past summer, and by some miracle managed to clear it up to just some significant residual scarring and a few whiteheads here and there in a few months with the help of a low dose of doxycycline and tazorac. Then, as a few more months passed, I was starting to notice some flare-ups of some jawline acne, and because of the location along with the fact that I had only gotten one period in my entire first semester of college (on NO BC), I decided it was probably hormonal. So I started yaz just about a month ago and I am devastated. I wake up every day so ashamed of the breakout on my face, and I am completely dreading going back to school, a place that I love. The strange part is, my spotty neck acne has completely cleared up and my forehead is SPOTLESS. My forehead actually hasn't looked quite this good in a while. But my left cheek is way spottier than it's been, and my right cheek is absolutely horrible; painful and cystic and covered in swollen bumps and whiteheads. It's caused me horrible depression because I truly cannot even leave the house, as I've been pitched back into the absolutely devastating state I was in over the summer (not  to mention it physically HURTS!!). I am trying to stay brave but it is taking a horrible toll on me emotionally; I hardly even come out of my bedroom because I don't even want to see my family like this. Wondering if anyone has any advice or encouragement, or at least can offer some methods about keeping the acne under some sort of control while my body adjusts! Thank you so much :)

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