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I have been battling trying to rid my cheek of these stubborn spots since a bad breakout back in November. although they have faded noticeably using just a saclictic acid scrub, I just started using a light glycolic acid mask some nights, as well as bentonite clay. They seem to be helping. However, I have a dermatologist appointment in 15 days and I am curious about bleaching methods. Does anyone here with fair caucasian but not porcelain-like skin have any experience with products like hydroquinone? I am really just hoping to have the marks gone completely by May-June.


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I used an AHA cream.. in cca 4 months I was clear from almost all marks and I had more than you.. and I'm a bit fairer than you :) 

this is the exact cream I've used:



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I have the same problem as you only my PIH marks are on the sides of my face.  I can't offer any advice because I am trying to find a way to get rid of them too :/  You said the Salicylic cleanser helped? How often did you wash with it? Was your face very dry because of it? On Monday my dermatologist prescribed Salicylic acid cleasner so I am just curious to see how it helped you. 

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the saclytic acid definitely helped. using for just a month, this was how my skin looked before using it: 

just that small amount of time made like, an impeccable difference. 


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