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Fading Hyperpigmentation Progress w/ Pics

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Hi everyone. I just thought I would post some photos to document my progress at fading my post-acne hyper-pigmentation. The first photo is from July 20th and the second is from Dec 20th (5 months).

Obviously, time is the biggest thing. But, I've also experimented a lot with different skincare products in that time and believe that I have found what works well for me. My skincare routine has been pretty consistent for the last 1.5 months and in that time I've seen faster improvement than the other 3.5 combined (I've been documenting monthly). I've also seen improvement in my overall skin texture. In that time here is what I have been doing:

- Vitamin E oil as a night-time moisturizer.
- Lush Aquamarina Cleanser at night. 
- Coconut oil Cleansing at night 1-2 times a week.
- Being more diligent about using SPF in the daytime - I use at least 30.  

Thanks for reading. 



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Would you suggest just waiting for the PIH to go with time ( and/or using natural remedies ) or to consider using a pulsed-dye laser? I know if you have taken Accutane that dermatologists suggest waiting 3 months before using a PDL laser ( as it is a healing laser and can be used much earlier than ablative lasers ), but did you have a reason why you did not try that laser? Apparently it is the gold standard for redness. 

Anyway, you look amazing! 

Thanks for posting. 

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@AlexxelA Thank you!! I personally prefer waiting/skincare remedies. I considered getting a peel at one point but never really looked into it. I had not even heard of the PDL Laser thing until reading your comment. I think the biggest reason for me not looking into more options like lasers/peels is because of my past experience with acne years ago. When I had really severe acne in my teens I took accutane to clear it and after that I didn't do anything else to me skin (I wasn't big on skincare back then either). Over time everything just kind of faded away and eventually I forgot all about it. So, this time I just figured the same thing would happen and didn't bother with any expensive treatments. 

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I understand. Yeah PDL is a healing laser and lots of dermatologists recommend it. It is great for rosacea, too! Yeah, I think I am like you in the sense that I don't want to do anything that could trigger my acne again. I would rather let time reduce it than risk acne coming back. 

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