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Does anyone know why in the UK ( if this is not true, maybe I need to find another dermatologist ), dermatologists will not prescribe more than 150mg/kg over the whole course? 

I, like many others, have done a lot of research on this, and for truncal acne many dermatologists often prescribe more. Many people needed more than this for truncal acne. My dermatologist said that if I relapse I can just do another course, but I still have some active acne. Every dermatologist in the US that I has answered similar questions to this on Realself has said that there is no point in stopping whilst you still have active acne. It would just be a waste of a course. 

I took a year out of university to do this course and I have coped with all of the side effects very well. I don't get many side effects, but I have coped with the ones that I have had well. I don't go out in the Sun, I cut out dairy and eggs and most fat. I wash with fragrance-free soaps and use fragrance-free moisturisers. I make sure any exercise is very mild and I change my sheets once per week. I have probably missed some things out but I do everything right and consistent ( maybe a little OCD, but this means a lot to me ). My bloods tests are great, too. 

Anyway, I can't take another year out of university, and I am willing to do more months. What can I do? Have other UK dermatologists prescribed more? 

I don't understand why not? The only people who haven't taken enough of a cumulative dose are usually people who drop out themselves due to side effects. Not because the dermatologists stops the course ( assuming their blood tests are fine ). I have always seen dermatologists encourage the patient to get as much as possible until the acne is gone. Sometimes even a month more just to make sure. I really wish I had a dermatologist like that. 

There is no reason why I shouldn't take more, in my opinion. I understand that some people relapse anyway, and I accept that. But I just cannot accept that I will relapse because I did not take enough of a cumulative dose in the first place. Especially as I had to take a year out to do it, that makes it even worse, because the next course will be much harder. 

Any advice and help is appreciated. 

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