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Think I'm little late to this party, but here is my experience. I suffered from severe cystic acne for 20 odd years. I tried everything, and by that I literally mean everything. 20 years is a long enough time to try all possible treatments. 4 years back I had enough of all treatments and doctors and decided to cure acne on my own. One of the first things I found out was that diet is a major influence and acne and that for me too the trigger was sugar. Now as happy as I was that I had found my trigger it was not easy. The thing is I bake a lot. Not to brag, but one of the biggest fans of my cakes is me. But today I have been sugar-free ( I eat all fruits ) for 4 years. If anyone puts even a little extra sugar in anything it makes me want to throw up. What I found out was this

1. The first few days of being sugar-free are hell. You can have headaches, muscle aches etc. 
2. If you can survive this, it gets easier. But you are going to fail, you are going to crave sugar and someone is going to convince you to try that chocolate cake. Go easy on yourself, it's not easy giving up something like sugar. To top it all it's not fair. 
3. After about 6 months of no sugar, you can eat small amounts of it and not break out. The thing is, sugar is inflammatory and once you are off it the inflammation levels in your body are much lower, so small amounts do not cause much damage. 
4. You don't and should not cut out fruits
5. After 4 years of being sugar-free, I can occasionally eat large amounts of cake or sweet and not break out. 
6. If you do fail and eat sugar, a vitamin C supplement and lots of water do make the breakouts less. 

All said and done it was the best decision ever. My skin has never looked better and because of no sugar, my health has improved dramatically. 

PS: I never stopped having a teaspoon of sugar in my tea.

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Guys, how I was saving my life, when I wanted something sweet so badly, I took 1/3 of 100% raw cocoa with half of tablespoon of raw honey and mixed it with coconut oil. It was something incredible, you can even imagine, how much tasty and sweet is something, when you stick with that diet.
I figure out that eating raw cocoa and raw honey in moderation would never trigger my acne. And you all know about their benefits for your skin. I feel like I deceived me fate. Let's not forget about fruits, they would save you in case, when you want to kill somebody for that peace of oreo. I found out that ananas, oranges and dried fruits could be quite problematic for my face skin.

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You don't have to avoid natural sugar (example: raw organic honey sugar). 

Natural sugar has low glycemic index it won't trigger out you, especially it is a complex carb, not simple carb.

Simple carbs are bad because they cause a spike insulin. They provide you short-time energy and digest fast.

On the other hand, complex carbs won't cause insulin spike only if you EAT EXTRA AMOUNT. They provide you long-time energy and digest slow.

Every fruit has sugar so you cannot quit it, naturally sugar is totally fine.

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