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RF laser ? MatrixRF laser? Laser with RF?

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Anybody got a laser with RF ? and had bad experience ? melted skin after the laser ? and more scars? saggy skin skin ? dry skin ? 

I have come to the conclusion, that the first ever treatment for my scars, the Matrix RF laser was too powerful and have melted my skin and made it saggy, more scar, kind of dry and REAL bad heal skin.... MY skin couldn't even heal from a Fucki?)=G injection from a tiny small needle before the subcision treatment, so I now have small look a like ice pick scars from that everywere... and long line lumps from subcision 7 months after the subcision...

Merry X-mas....lol 

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I believe the matrix RF laser melted all my elastin and collagen in my skin, that my skin will forever worse... I am only 22 and that happen 2 years ago.... if only I had been in the 40 or 50 at least ... my life is forever changed...

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You need filler, I have had this many times with Laser and RF. We heal poorly and have auto immune disease or we would not have scars. If it is puckered you need subcision and for texture tca peels. IT's a slow process. They even do TCA cross if the pores are enlarged enough.

Sculptra has boosted my collagen after deficiency, but does not cause lift that's what HA is for. 

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