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How to incorporate Duac Gel into the Regimen?

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Hi there,

So the Acne.org (slightly modified) Regimen largely helped my skin but it relapses every year for a few months (plus seems to have been losing effect over the years despite my diet/circumstance not changing). This is my current regimen:

Cerave Hydrating Cleanser
Acne.Org 2.5% BP
Boots Dermacare Moisturiser
Vitamin D3 Supplement


Cerave Hydrating Cleanser
Acne.Org 2.5% BP
Boots Dermacare Moisturiser

I've just been prescriped Duac Gel by my GP. The gel is 'Benzoyl Peroxide 3%, Clindamycin 1%' and the instructions are to use once daily (or less for very sensitive skin).  I'm nervous to completely stop the Regimen and replace it with the Duac once a day because whilst not perfect it does help somewhat and has for years. Would it maybe be a good idea to replace the evening BP with Duac every other night? (or would that be too drying if I did the normal morning routine alongside it). Or would it be better to do the same routine one day and on the other day just do Duac in the evening? For those of you who have used it, how drying is it? Obviously my skin after years of BP use will be pretty tough but unsure of the 1% Clindamycin part.



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On 02.01.2017. at 5:24 PM, foxtrotdarlin said:


Hey there, i use Duac, i think its less agrevating then BP gel itself. It is drying, but you wil not feel it, you just might get flaky skin. I read some people had burning sensation. The only time i had it is when i put on Duac on my face before going to a party, where i stood near the mainstage with fires and stuff so it reacted to heat. 
Anyway it should be used overnight.
I suggest u use it regulary instead the BP, this way you get the anti inflamatory effect from Antibio.

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