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Would like to gather some opinions on hydroquinone, a skin lightener. I hear, though am no aware of the specifics, that it's a potential cancer-causing agent. I'm rather skeptical of that, does anyone think it's a farce? Apparently it's believed enough for the stuff to be banned in Europe.

More pertinently though, I'd be interested in accounts of its effectiveness from those of you who've run through with it. Thanks in advance :)

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First of all, don't use hydroquinone in conjunction with any type of peroxide (benzoyl peroxide, hydrogen peroxide). Temporary staining of the skin occurs, and it's embarrassing.

I've noticed skin-lightening after a few uses, so it's effective. Like with any medication, you just have to weigh how much you'd like to have your hyperpigmentation go away quickly against how comfortable you are with potentially increased risk of cancer. Here is EWG's opinion on this ingredient:

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I have used the gold standard hydroquinone treatment: obagi 3 and obagi 5 (I used the entire set with broad-spectrum sunscreen). If I remember correctly, each one treats a different layer of your skin and obagi 5 (blender) is meant to be mixed with Retin A. 

I spent WAY TOO MUCH money and no results. Yeah. I stopped immediately after I found out the potential side effects include turning your skin darker. It's VERY scary and not meant to be toyed with. 

You can try Kojie-san (I think that's the right spelling), which is a soap based on Kojic acid. Buy these soaps one at a time, because when I bought it, by the time I finished the first bar, the subsequent bars didn't work anymore (went old). Leave on your face and neck for a few minutes. It may burn a little, but it will lighten your complexion. This is like $10. One round of Obagi + Retin A is like a ridiculous $500 or something. Just give the Kojic Acid soap a try.

On the other hand, I also have the Skinceuticals Phyto Corrective Gel. Absolute garbage and waste of $100+ (I have a special size).

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