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Accutane - Grey/white hairs

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I am currently on my second course of accutane. this week I've noticed 5-10 white or Grey hairs on my head. I have brown/light-brown hair. I cut it buzz generally but am growing it out a bit and noticed these hairs. I have had extremely dry hair this 2nd course- itchy and flaky. I wash infrequently and use coconut oil and conditioners for moisture since finding such dryness. 

Does anyone have any advice, experience, or input? I am really worried that this has given me grey hair or something. Can hairs get a white/Grey color to them simply from dryness? Is this something temporary that will go away??!  I  unsure if pics would do any good and if you could see my situation. 

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I really need to find out some more about this. I can't find much of anything about it online. I'll be talking to my dermatologist tomorrow and I am thinking that I will probably stop taking the drug.

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You know I am not really sure, there are some inquires when you do a search or google Accutane and grey hairs from others in the past. I do know that some who had straight hair ended up with curly hair or had hair loss! I doubt that your doctor would really know! If you acne isn't that bad, you might want to consider trying other things :) 

good luck

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Thanks for the response. Yea, my derm said on phone today they'd never heard of it. There really isn't any early greying in my family either. I think I am going to go off the accutane. Between the hair and my sore feet I think it's a sign that I need to get off.

im considering trying no dairy, low amount of gluten intake, and possibly fermented cod lived oil & good probiotic. 

Anyone else on the hair thing???

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I know this is old but I had the same thing happen when I was 19 I believe it was from accutane. I have a dozen grey hairs and they are still present 10 years later. I have not had any new ones appear since then and we likewise do not have a history of early greying. Just thought I'd add this in case someone else looks for it.

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I took accutane back in 2002 for 9 months because of my acne. The dermatologist had mentioned the impact it has on the liver and the side effects while on it and yet I decided to be on it. Overall dryness, hair breakage, chapped lips and brittle nails were very common and I thought after being done with the treatment, my acne was going to be cleared and my nightmare with acne was going to be over. It did. However, my hair texture changed forever since then. It stopped getting oily like most people. It stopped producing its own oils so hair masks and leave in conditioners  have been my best friends. My hair started turning white about a year post treatment and it’s not that common in my family. My greys have been growing at a rapid rate over the years and I’m only 37. I was about 50% grey in my mid 20’s. I have been dying my hair with henna/indigo for the last 10 years and always blamed accutane for this. I have never met someone in my case but I know my hair has changed since I took it. My hair has always been curly so naturally, it is drier than other types, but after accutane, it became a constant, extremely annoying chore to take care of it. Greys, dry scalp, no more natural oils, split ends.. and for the last Couple years, I have found one in my eyebrow, and one in my nostrils. It is scary, especially because I’m still young but it helps to know that other people have noticed these changes. 

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