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Does anyone else hate their own face?

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As the title states, I generally just hate my face, and the multitude of skin problems I seem to have.

I've attached some pictures which show the redness I seem to have permanently acquired!

Does this look familiar to anyone else? I was thinking either Rosacea or Keratosis Pilaris?

In addition to this I get cystic acne on my forehead, as one cyst calms down another rears it's head, excuse the pun ;D

I also get flaky skin, which you can't really see on the pictures, as well as general acne from place to place!

Like I say it's the combination of issues that gets me down, and I'm basically ready to quit work and just live within my house as quite frankly I can't stand the thought of facing people at work on a day to day basis, and the whole social side of things...

Any thoughts on here as to what I can do?

I've tried the usual cycline drugs for acne, to no avail.

Accutane just made the flaking and redness even worse, and didn't touch the cystic acne...

It also feels like any products for my face are too irritating for my sensitive skin.



SKIN 1.jpg

SKIN 2.jpg

SKIN 3.jpg

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I know how you feel - it seems like retreating is the best option sometimes. But honestly, your skin looks fantastic! Redness is just part of the healing process of acne. Over time it will fade :) It is definitely not Keratosis Pilaris. It could be a veryyyy mild case of Rosacea though, which if you learn your triggers can be kept under control. 

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Your acne or redness doesn't seem that bad to me, don't despair! 

I also get spots and have an acne prone skin with an oily t-zone, but dry skin. And sensitive! 

I would definitely recommend rosehip oil. I know the word "oil" is scary but this product is my best discovery so far. I personally use Pai's rosehip bioregenerate oil and it works wonders. You should give it a try, it's worth for its price. It hydrates your skin AND stops spots, honestly, specially cysts. It also fades red marks! I use it 3 times a week before bed, giving it 15 minutes to make sure my skin soaks it fully. If I feel my skin needs an extra boost, some mornings I mix 2 drops of it with my moisturiser, it feels great and it doesn't make my skin shiny at all. 

I have also been using Skinceuticals blemish+age defense. It's a liquid serum, a bit pricier. I use it twice a day. I feel it has improved my acne but it does dry my skin slightly. Having said that, I can see it's helping with my red marks and I have only been using it for a month. 

I haven't tried this yet, but tonight I'm starting to use Nip+Fab's glycolic fix serum. I have heard very good things about it and it's meant to fade marks and fight spots. I want to use it mainly because it also soothes and smoothes the skin, after so many years fighting acne my skin is looking quite good now but I do have slight scarring. Using a product with glycolic acid it's important if you wanna get rids of red marks, however different products work for different people so you might need to try a few before you find the one. In any case, introduce it slowly so your skin gets used to it gradually. Using it 2-3 times a week is enough. 

Good luck!

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