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Accutane and High Cholesterol/Triglycerides

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25 y.o. male with hormone-related acne (mainly cystic).

I've been on 40mg Claravis (Accutane/Isotretinoin) for one month.  For reference, I'm 98kg, and most therapeutic doses are .5mg/kg to 2mg/kg.  That said, I'm at about .4mg/kg now but my derm wanted to see how I did on a low dose as far as side effects and labs.  I'm already seeing cysts disappear quicker, and my skin is dry and sensitive, where it was oily before.  My initial breakout is subsiding now.

Anyhow, my triglycerides doubled (they were a little high before) and my bad cholesterol shot up as well.  I already limit red meat and dairy and take krill oil supplements, but my derm said if they triple she'll take me off it.   She recommended cutting out as much red meat/dairy/fried stuff as possible and before labs, fasting 12 hours, and eating light the day before.    

I know some of this is within my control, and there are some folks whose levels shoot up unexplainably on Accutane.   Does anyone have tips for keeping my levels down, especially around the time of my labs?  I'm committed to doing what I can so I can make it through as much of the course as possible.


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Hey James!

What happened with this? My cholesterol triglycerides have jumped and they're saying they're very high and they can't let them get any higher - I was considering taking krill oil for it - does this help? They've cut my dose in half and want another blood test done soon so I'm just waiting... Quite worried though. 

Let me know, 

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