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Green Tea Cream and Acne

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Hello Everyone, I have been doing some research on herbal acne treatments that are proven to be effective, and I have found some preliminary, 3rd party research that seems to show that green tea can be as effective as 4% benzoyl peroxide, but without any redness or side effects.

The study was conducted by a group of researchers, 108 acne sufferers, and of course, green tea cream.

I will be putting this information up on my site, Acne Treatments Guide, however I still would like to hear more anecdotal evidence from people who have tried it and had improvement.



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Would i be able to pick up standard green tea cream at a supermarket/chemist? Any specific brands/ingredients i should be looking out for?


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Green tea is a great antioxidant so instead of accelerating aging(Or at least the signs of it like wrinkles) like BP does it would actually make you look younger. Plus if it is effective as BP at killing bacteria I don't see why anyone would use BP. There are already better alternatives like Manuka oil(Way more effective than BP or tea tree).

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This kind of post is always interesting to me, in that I am always attracted to the idea that a natural product might be used to get results as good as Dan’s regimen. Is there a resource that you would recommend that describes Manuka oil - its origins and properties? Are their reputable companies that sell it?

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The best stuff anywhere. If you don't buy here make sure it's east cape manuka oil. It has lab breakdowns and chemical structure, etc... comparing it to Tea tree and others. I don't even understand half of it but my friend said the findings looked legit(Chem major at Uni).

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I'm with you on the manuka oil. Do you use it just to spot treat, or do you apply it all over in the hopes of preventing further breakouts? I've been mixing it with the manuka honey and spreading it all around.

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