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Hello! I started the acne.org regimen 4 days and have been following the direction exactly as stated. However, I have been dealing with a lot of itching on my eyelids, under my eyes and the corner of my mouth stopping just above the chin. No I do not put step two or three on or around my eyes. Once I'm done applying the last step I take a cotton ball with water and wipe my eyes and the corner of my mouth just in case any of the product is on it and is causing any irritation. Is the itching normal? Have anyone experienced itching?

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Around the end of week 1 i had my whole neck red and my chest, i don't know what happened, it was itching and i was in so much agony.
I had trouble sleeping, however i only stopped the regimen on the body, i kept it going on the neck.
I still have some problems but, what really saved me was Vaseline , i applied it on my neck and chest and next day it was much better.
But its not magic, that night i was naked, with Vaseline all over my neck and chest (its super thick and sticky) and with unbearable itching.
I Can say for sure it was my worst night ever.
Today it still itches and when i stretch my body it feels the skin is super dry, Its still uncomfortable but i am pretty sure it will heal.(Redness is gone)

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I'm at week 2.
It burns me too during the step 3.

Take care to wait the 15 minutes between each step. When I'm doing this I don't feel any burning sensation
And try to Mosturize your skin as mush as you can!

Also, Have you ever tried aloe vera ? It's a smooth and hydrating product I used for 2 years!

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