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Is it hormonal acne? Please help!

I never had acne growing up. Maybe the usual one or two pimples during that time of month but thats it. However, for the past 3 years I've been dealing with acne. I started breaking out suddenly at age 18 then started birth control a couple months right after the breakouts started. I've been on birth control up until 6 months ago. I was on the BC pill Lutera which made my skin horrible. I would have 15-20 active pimples all over my forehead ALL the time. When one would go away another one would pop up in it's place. Then I switched to Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo after reading many women experienced sudden or increased acne on Lutera. Ortho Tri Cyclen did help a lot with my acne but didn't completely make it go away. 

After ending birth control I've noticed my acne is starting to go away but it still hasn't completely gone away but it's still a lot better compared to before. 

My skin ALWAYS gets clear the week of my period. But right when my period ends I start getting breakouts and a lot of under the skin pimples/bumps all over my forehead. The skin on my forehead also gets really oily just during this time. This happens for a whole week then my skin starts to get back to normal and clearing up again as I approach my period. This happens EVERY month. 

This is what happens to my skin every month:
Week 1: Period, skin is completely clear 
Week 2: Period ends, I start getting breakouts on forehead/chin. Forehead gets really oily and a lot of under the skin pimples/bumps appear all over forehead.  
Week 3: Skin isn't oily anymore and under the skin pimples/bumps go away. Breakouts also start to go away. 
Week 4: Breakouts still going away and skin starts to slowly get more clear as I approach my period.

It seems to me that my skin starts getting more and more clear as I approach my period. But every time my period ends I breakouts for a whole week straight and then my skin spend the next weeks recovering until I hit my period and it's clear. 

Why does my skin get completely clear during my period and how can I keep it clear even after my period ends?
What makes my skin always get super oily right after my period ends for a whole week?

I think it's a hormonal problem but I'm not really sure... Any help would be appreciated thanks!

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