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Hey guys,

Been a while I last logged in here . I was feeling so down that I came to the conclusion that because of acne is the result of today.

I have recently moved to Germany from Pakistan. Almost 2 years now. My skin used to be just OK to be acceptable socially in recent years. As all of you know its not the skin that harms but its psychological effects. I remember when I was like teenage , acne hit me hard. As a result I stopped going out of room. For more than one year I remained in my room and did not socialize. It got into me and I forgot how to talk in social situations. 

Then I went to college and university but that habit never sort of left me and I used to stay in home most of the time. I made few friends, not really any female friend but just somebody on social network sites and whatsapp. Nothing much in real . the opposite gender friend always used to get me that I should at least have one friend but it never really happened.

I got a job as lecturer in university and used to face 100 of students. Confidence was never the issue it was just how to be social and able to hangout. I always just come back home. With women I always had horrible situations and never really was able to become friends with them.

My life been pretty dull so I decided to move to Germany.

I was excited at start talking to people, girls things were OK. Then again slowly I started going back to the old thing if mine staying at home.

I have tried talking to girls here, some talk to me some are cold . The one who talks to me never hangouts with me. I just feel I'm too ugly to be friends with any girl. I just feel very alone and I kind of felt acne had really put me in shell that still haunts me after years .

My acne is back though , life is just so dull. Recently , I was talking to a girl and she said she hugs her friends when they are down and I don't know why I just said can you give me a hug?. She said no straight away. Sometime I just feel I should never talk to anyone.

Anyways I don't know how to stay out of my room. Thanks for listening feels good :)

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Hey, sorry to hear things are getting you down at the moment.  Socialising and making new friends isn't easy for most people, even those who haven't suffered with acne.  Don't read too much into the girl who wouldn't give you a hug...sounds like you'd only just met so she didn't know you enough to consider you a friend yet.  Try to keep putting yourself out there...find an activity to do in a group or a club to join to meet some more people.  You have to meet a lot of people before you find someone you click with as a friend or especially as a potential partner.
Best wishes to you.

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