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dealing with whiteheads

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ok so i am curious what people find to be most effective. Do you guys pop your whiteheads or let them be. It is extremely embarrassing to have white bulging bumps on your face and i find it to take a long time for it to clear up. But at the same time it is embarrassing to have a bunch of red swollen inflamed bumps on your face. Currently what i do is pop the pimple. apply hydrogen peroxide and then apply a salt paste to the area. of course i wash my face with BP twice daily and use a toner.  Thanks to anyone that helps.

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It is best to extract your whiteheads so they can begin healing; however, there is a stipulation. Only extract whiteheads in your t-zone, everywhere else get them extracted by a professional esthetician. The reason for this is the angle on your pores is different at differet points of your face and if done at the wrong angle you can burst your pore, which causes collagen damage and cna lead to icepick scars.  However, the t-zone (your brow line, nose, upper lip and chin) are at an angle where you can easily do it on your own if done correctly.  If done incorrectly you still run the risk of bursting your pores, and the capilaries that nourish your pores.  To correctly extract your t-zone, place your two index fingers parallel to each other on either side of the blemish so that the form an 11 ( DO NOT go nail to nail) then push downward into your skin, and roll the skin upward using light pressure. (There are some videos YouTube) If you try twice and it does not come out, it is not ready to be extracted yet, try again in a couple days. You can achieve the best results by exfoliating first.

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so how do i deal with them on my cheeks, thats the only part of my body that breaks out. i obviously cant go see a dermatologist several times a week


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