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I recently have gotten my hormonal cystic acne under control after going on birth control. It was so severe on my chin to the point that I would have at least 10-15 cysts at once and it was causing my face to swell and look un proportional. Now that the cysts are gone (i haven't had a break out in almost 2 months!) I'm dealing with really bad red marks and scarring, as well as pits and bumps. I have all these tiny left over bumps on my chin from the cysts and it seems like they're never going away. They don't hurt at all but they make my skin look like I still have a bunch of breakouts. I was wondering if anyone had any idea of what they might be or if it's just a left over cyst membrane or something that may need to be removed. Some of these bumps have been on my chin for almost 3 months.  If there is anyway to get rid of them or if you've dealt with this yourself please let me know! I haven't really seen anything similar to my situation on here so if you have any suggestions that would be great. Thank you!


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i have a few of those bumps on my chin and it was determined it was hypertrophic scarring. kenalog injections would help those go down and you might need a few of them to get them flatter but as far as i know there is no way to totally remove them.  hugs to you. 

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Hi! I'm going through the very same issue as you. Did you manage to resolve the bumps?

It's so frustrating. Even when I use makeup over it, it's like I'm covering a huge lump. 

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