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How I Cured my Adult Acne

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Hi everyone,
I waited a year and a half to post this - so I could be sure it actually worked. From about 25 (I'm 37 now) I developed annoying hormonal acne outbreaks. Manageable because I knew they would go away. When I was about 30 it got worse - I got a strange annual outbreak which wasn't the usual one or two around my chin - it got angrier and angrier and worked its way up onto my cheeks. You all know that bubbling hot angry feeling and you just want to take your skin off and start again.
every time I would go to the doctor - get antibiotics- everything would go away - and the same annual outbreak would happen and I would repeat the cycle over and over.
I tried herbal remedies and homeopathy to no avail. I would eventually just give up and go back for antibiotics.
i went to a dermatologist in the hope of getting accutane - even though I was terrified of the side effects I was desperate. For some reason she said it wouldn't suit me that I should really go on antibiotics for a full 12 months. I was so disappointed- but went with the advice. I was a year clear - but it came back the exact same way when I finished. Devastated.
Again - back to google- you all know how much we google - how many silly products we try - how much money we waste.
I came across a girl on YouTube speaking about how Neutrogena 2-in -1 visibly clear washmask cured her adult  acne.
and in my next google I read about homeopathy remedy Sulphur 30c .
I started taking the Sulphur - as per instructions on the bottle - only for a week 
Washed my face with the face wash. And it actually worked!! The terrible angry outbreak that could only ever before be cured by antibiotics was now going away.
I didn't write this post because I wanted to wait a year to see if I would get the annual outbreak again.  At the time of year I could feel a tingle so I went on another week of Sulfur - (I use the face wash everyday all year ) and it never came.
dont get me wrong - I still get the odd spot around my period time - but never the scaring cystic type.
Also you need to use both Sulfur and face wash together - for some reason they don't work alone - even though I don't use anything other than Neutrogena 2-in -1 visibly clear washmask to clean my face now. I promise I am not paid to say this and have nothing to do with that company!

I really hope this helps someone else and I would love to hear if it does.
i know your pain!
Catherine x 

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I used to use sulfur but it never worked for me, always stuck to bp.  But what I want to say, and I've been preaching this to no end, is to stay off antibiotics.  First, they are temporary fixes, and in my case, even a heavy dose did not work, and it ruined my stomach (3 courses over different times).  Second, there may come a time when you will need to take antibiotics because you have no choice, as I did for a UTI and you need to know that they will work instead of being resistant to them.  I'm not a fan of sulfur, but if it works for you, then that's what matters. 

I only wish you the best.

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