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Keep breaking out in whiteheads! :(

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Hey everyone I'm new here and I'm looking for opinions on wtf is going on with my face, so let me start with a bit of history regarding my acne. I've suffered with acne in teen years, which I thought was very normal for my age and by my 20s it went away. I'll get the occasional breakout here and there, but nothing serious. I was then having some issues with eczema, seb derm etc and my skin started to become extremely dry, which has been the complete opposite. Like I said my skin has been under control for quite a while now, but since mid September I've been breaking out in whiteheads all over my cheeks and forehead. When I breakout I do get the pimples on my cheek, but it's rare I get them in my forehead. At first I thought eh whatever they will go away in a few days and nope, they go away and I'll usually have new  ones coming out that evening or next day. I don't wear makeup since last year, so I know it's not that, but I cant pinpoint what's causing this. I'm trying everything since my face already has indentation scarring and scars from  previous acne, I'm loosing hope. I have attached some pictures to kinda visualize what I'm talking about lol20161020_200255.jpgthis is fr20161020_200330.jpg20161020_200059.jpgom today 


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