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Has Anyone Tried This? Sebaryl FL LS 9088 / Topical B6

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Has anyone tried a product "UNT Pore Minissima"? Apparently it contains "Sebaryl® FL LS 9088" and "Panadoxine P", a form of Vitamin B6. I'm thinking about testing this..


1. Vitamin B6 is essential for skin balance and health.
2. Panadoxine P has superior photostability and thermostability over native vitamin B6 in both skin care and hair care formulations.
3. Panadoxine P converts to vitamin B6 in the skin providing essential ingredients the skin needs to maintain a healthy balance.
4. Activity - Sebum control by inhibition of 5 α-reductase activity (in-vitro). -
Pore control by reducing the size of facial pore by 55% (clinically)*.
- Shine control by reducing facial shine by 56% (clinically)*.
- Anti-Inflammatory by reducing IL-6 and IL-8 induced by UV (in-vitro).
- Improving texture (self-assessment)*
- Has the same water holding capacity as equal amounts of glycerin (in-vitro).
- A reduction in oily skin while improving perceived moisture (self-assessment)*.
*Based on new clinical data
80% Reduction in pore size 94% Reduction in shine


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I bought this.  Spread a thick layer on half of my very oily nose last night to test it.

I expected to wake up with a fully radiant sniffer like usual.... but I didn't. The half of my nose where I put the
lotion on actually stayed matte looking throughout the night.  I'm floored, really.

Today, I'm going to test it on entire face to see how it performs while I'm out and about.  For me, greasy and crappy foods fuel my oily skin so I also need to test how the lotion holds up when I eat cookies, fried foods, etc.

There are other lotions like this out there (OC 8 for one) but they usually leave your face looking chalky. If you're dark skinned, this can be a problem.  However, this lotion is very lightweight and it goes on transparently, and dries super quickly. 

Also, my skin wasn't irritated at all by the lotion.  At the very least, it's the only thing I have ever tried that survived an all out war with the oil fields of my nose.  Just based on that, I have to say this is the best oily skin product I've tried so far, and I am 38 years old. Hopefully it keeps my face looking decent all day. I usually have to blot every 30 mins so it will be interesting to see how today goes.

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Update. FYI I bought this product after reading your original post.

Today was good. The lotion did really well. I am wrong about it not being chalky though. It's chalky but juuuust barely. It's hardly noticeable and it didn't bother me.

So it passed the all day/all face test. I went to the bathroom repeatedly to blot but at no time before any of blottings did my skin look out of control oily.  I would blot anyway and there was oil there but the lotion made it look drier than it was.

There was a moment in the day where I didn't blot for a full hour and when I went to check, my face was still holding up.  I went food shopping after work and when I looked in the mirror when I got home, things were still good.

I've been strict with my diet though (low sugar, fats, greasy foods) and that means that my face is making less oil than usual. So this may be the reason why the lotion is working this well....because my skin is oily, but  it is producing LESS oil right now.

Tomorrow is the junk food test. I'm sitting home and I'm gonna eat buttered popcorn, french toast crunch,  heat up some pizza, and all that other good stuff. I doubt the lotion will make it through all of that, but I'm praying to Jesus that it might.

So I guess so far, I don't have anything bad to say about "Pore Minissima". It's performing above average.


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I'm not using it regularly enough to see about long term effects.  For a few reasons.

The first reason is that I only use the lotion on days where I know I will be somewhere where I won't be able to go hide and blot.  Otherwise, I actually prefer to blot than have something on my face.  

The second reason is I think the long term effects thing is for marketing.  I know that for me, my oily skin is an internal issue.
I just don't believe anymore that a topical can solve it or cure it over time.

This is another reason I'm not using it regularly ---- the bottle that the lotion comes in is NOT clear (you cannot see though it).  So if you use this lotion every single day, you will have absolutely no idea when you're about to run out.  Also, if you shake the bottle, you CANNOT hear the lotion squishing around inside, so forget about finding out how much is left by doing that as well.

Just unscrew the bottle and look inside you say? The bottle doesn't unscrew, nor does the top pop off.  It's so well put together that I'm pretty certain I would have to slice the bottle open with a strong knife to get to see inside. I'm serious. I was like wtf.

I'm just saying I think the long term effects claim is a ploy to keep you buying bottle after bottle and even if I did choose to do that, it would be nice to at least see when I'm about to run out so I don't surprised by an empty bottle on a random thursday. If I use the lotion only when I need it, it lasts longer.

Last thing about this product. For me, it islight-weight and it performs well, but I noticed that by the end of the day my skin feels a little suffocated. I'm fine all day but when I've had it on for hours, my skin is seems to be begging for oxygen and I have to go rinse it off. 

I believe you can buy the lotion from a Taiwanese website, but I just got mine off Amazon.  There are  2 positive reviews on Amazon and 2 negative on there right now.  As with every product, people have differing opinions.  correction: whoops, my mistake. This product has NO reviews on amazon yet. By mistake, I was looking at another product from the same company and that product is the one that has the reviews. Again, this product has no reviews barely anywhere yet. 


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Final decision on this lotion. 

I used this again yesterday for Christmas because I knew I wouldn't be able to run to
to the bathroom to blot a lot.  Also, I used it because I knew I would be trapped into
eating things that put my oil glands to work. 

My verdict on this lotion is that is very very very very good.  I hesitate to tell people to buy it because maybe
for some reason it just works really well for me.  Maybe my oil level isn't as severe as others? Maybe a supplement
or a vitamin combo I'm taking is working and helping? I don't know. 

(I did visit the bathroom three times to inspect and blot whatever needed to be blotted, but that is better than going
there every hour and having people wonder what your problem is)

I have actually fallen asleep with it on one time and when I woke up the next day, I was expecting my face to look like crap.... and
it really didn't. Not too much.  After a whole day and a whole night, yes, it finally did look duller and oily, but not near the level I had expected to see.  Also, it seems like my skin has learned to "breathe" with it now. It doesn't feel like my skin is gasping for air anymore by the end of the day. It hasn't clogged my pores once.  Also, I have kind of learned the exact  amount of the lotion I need for it to work real well for me.

I can't wait till the three medications to hit the market ( MTC 896,  SB204,  and DRM01 ) because I
would prefer those over this lotion by far... but for now, this lotion has impressed me.

That's it. 

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