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Anybody Tried Going off The Regamin Before?

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About 7 months ago I started the Regamin, and in 3 months I was compleatly cleared from my severish cystic acne. 
Then, in about June, the regamin slowely stoped working. I have been consistantly getting cysts. 
It goes like this:
I will have two cysts. Then, they dry up, and go away(leaving pigmentation), and then the next day I have a new one. And, the cycle continues like that. 
My skin is by no means bad, it is mild and I am really fortunite that it hasnt gone back to the way it used to look, but having the big red pimples still make me feel crappy and ugly(I think that a lot of people with acne can agree with me on this, we just want it gone, and it coming back just really takes it out of you)

I dont know what I am doing wrong on the regamin. I have been constistantly using it, and I never skip a day.
I just dont know what to do. 

So, (my whole reason for posting this) has anyone had sucsess with stopping the regamin for a while, and then doing it again, to clear up their skin?
Or, has this happened to anyone else?
Or, would anyone just reccomend me to go to the dermatologist?

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At this point I'd recommend going to the dermatologist. They may be able to prescribe a course of antibiotics, which you can take at the same time as doing the Regimen. This is ultimately what my son needed. Sometimes it just helps to level the acne bacteria playing field, if the topicals are not keeping up with the breakouts.

Hope this is helpful! :)

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I would consider going to the doctor, but also watching what you eat and natural stuff for acne may work cause antibiotics aren't always good, i know from experience cause it can come back stronger or not at all. I would personally try out natural stuff like drinking Apple cider vinegar diluted or natural ways for it. but if those don't go your way i would end up going to the doctor.     

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The regimen worked for me in the past and I got lazy. So I got off of it and my acne came back. The regimen never stop working for me ,but sometimes I get lazy and I want to try new things and he acne would come back. 

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I got completely clear and stopped it I was clear for 6 months it slowly started coming back mine isn't cystic though. I'm back on the regimen again and like you get a few new pimples they dry up pretty quickly even overnight with the BP but a day or two later one or two more appear and my skin looks worse than it is because of the red marks even though there  not pimples it looks like I have a lot. I'm worried my skins gonna go back to how it was  again and the regimen won't work. This is the only thing that cleared my skin I tried anti biotics and light therapy etc

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