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Renovacell for pigmentation and scars

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Now avita has comeup with something new, renovacell for pigmentation,reading about it on their website feels its  same as recell, dont know whether this too will be a disappointment for the patient after spending huge money.
Anyway those who are desperate to get out of their condition,have enough money and consider they have nothing else to lose, may try, but please with a dermatologist not a plastic surgeon for a simple treatment like this  they'll charge thousands of dollars as their fee.A dermatologist will be able to do it for maybe less than $2000 please dont spend more than this amount for the trratment unless you are combining it with a surgical procedure. Im thinking of talking to a dermatologist in India to start doing this.
Also would like to mention my results so far, its been 9months after treatment , I had it done on 3 scars 2wide thick ones and a one inch thin scar, Ive got very good improvement for the thin short scar and no significant improvement in the other two and I had to do scar revision again. There is significant improvement in pigmentation in the one inch short scar and i would say that scar has improved atleast 75% to an extent that it doesnt bother me anymore, so the question here is, why I dint get any improvement in the other two scars?? because it was thicker and wider??  here is the photo, 2months after recell and 9months after.


I dont really understand the difference between recell, renovacell  and melanocyte transplantation . all seems to be the same. People in avita does not reply to any of the mails.

 anyway cannot say this treatment doesnt do anything at all, infact it does something but not at all promising for this high price. worth a try if its done for less than $2K 

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