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Flaky skin with active acne and skin picking

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Hello everyone!
Now I'm on my 2nd week on the regimen. My skin has become flaky and oily. And more specially I have active acne around my mouth area. Maybe about 5-8 zits! Jeeze! The worse part is the acne scar after it :( It is really so depressing! I just cant stop picking my skin removing the flakes and the active acne. It is painful and I hate the sight of it that it looks like a pustule.  I tried not to. I am really trying so hard. I am also having tiny bumps on my forehead still. I am religiously doing the regimen and trying to be gentle but sometimes the pimple just pops out. Is this normal? I have used the regimen before and tapered. Do i really need to go back to square one? Or incorporate aha since I am using it before? 

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Is it normal for skin to get oily on the regimen? Personally, I don't like the sound of it. I haven't tried the regimen myself, but I hesitate to continue taking [internally] or applying anything that makes me oily, makeup or otherwise...What worries me is since you said you're flaking, it could be drying you out too much and your skin could be overcompensating by creating more oil to ease the dryness. 

Have you seen a dermatologist? You sound like you could be a good candidate for a gentle retinoid like Adapalene and a non-drying face wash. I think getting a professional opinion wouldn't hurt. The more random treatments I tried, the worse my skin got after 2 months of trying way too many things -- don't let this happen to you. Now that I am on doxy, a probiotic gluten-free diet, topical probiotics 2-3x/day and Adapalene 0.1 gel every other night, I am already seeing a hugely positive improvement after just 2 weeks of combined treatment.

As I mentioned, altering your diet can actually work wonders. I was eating a ton of wheat and grains by mistake before I got treatment and my GP told me both wheat and dairy can be quite inflammatory for acne-prone people. A lot of our health issues begin in the gut, and acne issues stem from there as well. It made sense for me as well since I have a history of digestive issues and fibro, and the wheat and gluten were likely responsible for it as well as some of my acne. I don't know if you're the same as me, but it could be worth a shot. :) The diet plays a huge role in acne, no matter what dermatologists say. 

Also, in terms of stopping your picking -- what has helped me is focusing over and over on a positive word or image when I begin thinking of picking. I also turn the lights off when I am brushing my teeth before bed. I use a rubber band and snap it on my wrist to stimulate a feeling that replaces the craving to pick. I hope this helps you. 

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