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So I have noticed over the years that every time I eat McDonald's it seems my face breaks out in cystic acne, I know I know simple solution Don't Eat McDonalds. My question is anyone else have this happen? This doesn't happen with any other fast food place. I have emailed McDonald's they claim their oil is all vegetable. It seems there has to be something weird in it, or they are cooking all the foods together? The fish maybe? I am prone to cystic acne but only seems to flare when provoked. While McDonalds is awful for you I still love it I'd hate to give it up completely forever but I may have to. Just curious if this has happened to anyone else. 

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many, many years ago i use to work at McDonalds for about 5months. 

i never witnessed any bad practices with food preparation whilst working at McDonalds. if i remember correctly, the fish was cooked & kept separate from other foods. i just remember it being a very greasy environment.  

sounds strange but when i was working in the back making the food, it seemed even the air was greasy.  it was a hot environment and at the end of your shift you would be covered in greasy oil. it would be on your hair, skin, clothes.  

its diffidently not healthy food. (don't forget fizzy drinks like coke can zap your zinc levels)

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YES I had a Regular egg McMuffin and the Mcgriddle bread and 2 days later BAM a huge cyst on the beginning opening line of my butt from my lower back. I am having to take antibiotics to make it go down and it’s super painful to sit/walk/lay on my back. This is the 2nd time This is happening to me because I wanted to test it out to see if it really was Mcdonalds doing this to my body. UGH I want to sue them so badly for this pain. It’s truly horrible so so so horrible.

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