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I'm on my 2nd round of Accutane (results did not last the first time, but I did have 8 months of clear skin). I am in an extremely dry climate (CO), so my skin is not handling the dryness well. Even without actively taking Accutane, I had dry skin since the first trial, and it's even worse now when taking the meds again. Because I am on it again, my skin is so dry that I get nose bleeds every week, and can barely wear makeup without looking like I have wrinkles, even though it is just dry skin. I have intense moisturizer, but it really doesn't help more than keeping my skin from cracking at night. Does anyone have tips on makeup application to help? I use both liquid and powder from bare minerals. Even when I apply it well, it still is very clear that I have acne. Tips? My nose has peeling skin while my forehead has acne... 

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Do you moisturise before you put on your foundation? this seems to help me with any dry patches or flakey skin so the foundation goes on more smoothly. Also maybe try a hydrating primer, that will prep the skin before foundation and should help with dryness. 

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Hi! What helped me ALOT is using a hyaluronic acid serum and aquaphor at night! Then for makeup I used a hydrating primer like makeup forever and then a luminous foundation! the key is to not use a drying foundation or matte ones since they're made for oily skin :) try makeup for dry skin it should help! And moisturize heavily during the day with a moisturizer like cerave !!

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I found using moisturiser and primer really helped with a liquid foundation!, i moisturise in the morning, when i get home from work after i wash my face and then again before bed. 

Im on my second week but my skin has gotten tight and itchy already. hope this helps. x 

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I used jojoba oil as makeup remover the entire time I was on Accutane and didn't have any issues with makeup application.  I think the oil every night kept me balanced moisturized + moisturizer. AND I used pur minerals foundation (a powder).

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