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Help Me With My Acne!!!!!!

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Hello. I'm new to this forum and I need some advice for my acne. I'm 14 years old and have had acne for a few years now I started getting rid of my acne form age 13 but it doesn't seem to want to leave my face. I might have been of and on washing because I usually didn't like washing my face last year. It had been worse with more pimples and redness. I only got this big red one because it had formed a lot of white heads around that area and I popped it tonight. I washed my face after with warm water  and moisturized. I really need help with my acne.:smileys_n_people_53: I own a cleanser and  scrub. I don't usually use the scrub. Or the cleanser
but I feel the cleanser works best but it makes no difference. I have been to the doctors they have given me drugs. But they didn't do anything and we don't go to  that one any more. I might be seeing a skin  specialist soon for more advice. I have started washing my face daily. Some of the redness had disappeared form this. So I really don't want you use this websites cleanser. More so what can I use to help my face to reduce the redness and white heads from oil build up. (: 





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Doksiciklin belupo pills once a day 1 hour after lunch cleared all of my acne.I don't know if those pills are available outside of Croatia but they helped me a lot.I call them the miracle pills, saved my life.

Good luck and stay strong mate.Never give up

EDIT:it's called doxycycline in English

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