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Essential oil HONESTLY worked for my closed comedones

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I have nearly cleared my closed comedones with a mixture of essential oils mixed with a carrier oil, and a method of self extraction that is very VERY VERY DELICATE, and tazorac (a retinoid that I use sparingly after self- extraction to aid in the cell turnover and healing of any trauma to the skin due to self extraction (with a sterilized extraction tool. I used a 7 dollar tool from target) 
Most doctors will prescribe tazorac if you ask, unless you're pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant, then the essential oils alone would be fine, as I used them for months with slow but effective improvement without retinoids, but ask your doctor first!) please ask me anything! 

Essential oils:
tea tree (so important!! Antimicrobial and great for reducing the bacteria that cause acne)
sweet orange
lemon (amazing for lightening and reducing purple acne scars)
lavender (fantastic for calming the skin after extraction of closed comedones)
rose hip (I hear it's good for acne scars, but I don't know for sure. It's never caused more comedones but if you see more accumulating within two weeks STOP and change mixture without it PLEASE)

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how do you use tazorac? Do you use it on a clean face and then apply your mositurizer? or do you mix the two together? I have a prescirption for tazorac but have been using tretonin, thinking of switching and trying tazroac. My skin is mostly clear, just suffer from closed comedones mainly in forehead area.

Doctor also reccomended trying short contact therapy with tazorac? Any adivce on that?

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