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Hei Ba Guo (Black Keloid Paste) - A diary.

I've read some reviews on here and on some other sites about the black keloid paste. I thought I'd try it out, it's like 35 bucks free shipping for the jar. 

It's supposedly good for keloid acne. I've already spent loads on getting cortisone shots from my derm that have barely helped the old scars. It does help new acne from becoming scars. I've got a bunch on my chest and I can't even wear a tank top without feeling super self-conscious. So now I'm documenting the black keloid paste, see if it'll help. Crossing fingers that it'll do what it says on the site. Help shrink keloids to a small white scar instead of the giant red mess. 

Here's some pics, I'm sure some of you will find this familiar. Before pic with the keloids and an after pic of putting the paste on. 

The paste is super thick and I do recommend using a tiny spatula thing to place it on your skin. It also smells like very strong black vinegar, made me gag a bit when I first open it - but after it's dry the smell is gone. Yay! Now if you're going to keep this on the entire day (as it's advised, at least 9 hours), then there's the problem of it sticking to your clothes. If you live in a place where it's hot and you're going to sweat, oh boy is it going to stick and stain your clothes. So remember, put some gauze on it before hand so it'll stick there. I have now ruined a shirt :( . 

Hopefully this stuff works! I'll check in after a month to update y'all on the progress if anyone is looking to try this stuff.



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This is interesting. The first time I've heard of this paste, any updates? I've been using ScarAway silicone sheets and I can say they do help keep the scars soft, but doesn't necessarily improve much of the actual scar. Aside from that it's a hassle putting them on and reapplying them haha

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