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What Type of Scar treatments do I need!

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I had previously posted about my scars but wanted to post more pictures to show the justice of my scarring. It really messes with me and would like your guy's advice. I have to wait a year to do anything and my texture improves with retina a but I'm not on that right now becuz still on accutane. Any suggestions..I am at my wits end to spend money on my scars or not but it really effects me. It is very hard to decide what to do. I  am in a dark place right now because my family doesn't understand and father flat out told me why I'm so vain!  his words " why do you just worry about your looks always" of course he might mean well but my family wasn't all supportive of my acne struggle as in emotional EVER. Seen me cry as in let me cry alone and also when I would go to the derm my mother would say "if anything happens to you it's your fault, you don't need to go to derm"... years later scarring.  This is actually very emotional for me I am debating on doing treatments now while I'm under my parent's insurance or wait till i finish school and do treatments BUT that won't be till 5 years and then i won't be under their insurance...I'm in school right now and just the thought of ripping through my savings kills me. I focus on health and fitness and everything to keep me healthy but my home life is just shit. I live in a neglectful household that is seemingly ordinary but everything is basic and routine in my house and nothing is ever new. Parents watch tv all day older siblings just do their own thing. Parents work hard  and are at work to keep the household running. I go to the library to do my homework and now this has turned on to venting but I just don't know what to do. My parents are divided on their support on my scar treatments as I have only mentioned them. I at this point have not asked them for anything and even paid to go on accutane twice..lol now my little brother is struggling with acne and he may get scars. I tell my mother to put him on accutane but she says it's his decision. I feel like parents should know best but my mother hasn't exactly known what best to do for me and that is not all her fault because i was the first to go through cycles of derms but now that she knows what to except i feel she should do more to prevent my siblings from acne. Idk i am very stressed and have to go to school tomorrow. I try not to think about it and may ease my own frustration by undergoing treatment with chemical peels in one year but is this the best route or should i wait??  I just don't know! I try to dress well and be tidy and clean  and eat healthy whole foods which is all I can do. I am wearing powder  AND Foundation that exxentuates my scars so you can better see but usually i don't wear makeup only a light dab of loose powder for shine. I would categorize mine as severe scarring but i have no idea if that is correct I have shallow rolling that excentuates the texture of my icepick and boxcar scars . the rolling is on both cheeks

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Hi sweetheart.  I am sorry you have to go through this.  Acne and its resulting scars cause an emotional and mental battle.  
I am 25 but know what you mean when your parents aren't the most supportive.  It is really hard to not feel like you have a support system or someone who understands what you are going through.

Can I ask, how old are you?  Your skin rejuvenates itself every 30 ish days.  I would continue to eat as healthy as you can.  Look into using honey as a mask.  Consume lots of antioxidants, and of course water.  Do research on how to stimulate collagen regeneration through food and natural remedies.  I am currently battling my own scars and do not have an answer on whether or not you should spend money on the treatment.  Like you said though, I would wait at least a year before starting anything.  I just stopped breaking out (hopefully)  so I will also have to wait at least a year.  Will they go completely away naturally?  No, probably not.  But by stressing less, and taking care of yourself, staying hydrated and healthy - I bet you will see some improvement.

Just try and be as positive as you can be.  You have made it through battling the actual acne,  you can make it through anything.  

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I'm in my early twenties.. but only had acne for 2 years that resulted in scars but it was severe acne that came sudden after being misprescribed mini pills(birth control) and my skin was never the same.. it's funny because ppl say to go to the derm right away but in my case it should have been ( go to a competent doctor and research many ).  derms i went to had me on topical regimens when i should have been placed on accutane right away.. hence my scarring. There are other reasons of family not being supportive which also aggravated the time frame of how long i was forced to battle my acne.(AS IM sure people know acne can by day and night do serious damage and i had that like times 1000% new breakouts everyday). Right now i'm doing good i have my days but it's good to vent just a little to keep my sanity. I'm planning on doing some peels next year my parents are not very supportive of that either but I'm planning on doing it with my own money depending if my derm gives me the okay in a year(my skin is type IV) I want the jesssner TCA Peel 35% in series probably 6 but idk if my derm will okay that she said maybe we'll start low.  I know i will have to do some fillers and maybe tca cross but there are no competent doctors in my area to perform those treatments so i will stick to what i can for now.  Litterally had the worst acne half of junior year but tamed in the 2nd half of school year and then summer was okay still acne but not like inflamed/ got scarring and then come summer senior year again my prescribed regime just wasn't working because it was hormonal and blew up with worst then before acne that left worse scars plus the other scars!! Put myself on accutane at nineteen and was on for about a year waited six months now 21 and almost done with 2nd round. and will wait a year to do treatments. It sucks becus i have to put priorities of school 1st then work and then my own want to better myself which i know is good but this time i have to wait is frustrating...lol sometimes it feels too much... but i've been practicing stress relieving tactics and doing everything else i can do to be healthy with exercise and eating well so that keeps me going. Thank you for your kind words! it means a lot!...i literally go to school and work and then research treatments but have been trying to find other things to occupy my mind and hobbies as I'm trying to accept myself the way i am.. and accepting that yes this will just be another chapter in the battle of life that i'll see where it goes. If i can and circumstances allow me to do my treatments ill make a log to help others.. it strenuous because I'm literally having a time frame to do treatment next year because ill be full-time in school the following two years and won't have a large period to do anything for a while maybe in the summers but those ill be using to work.. anyhow i might opt for fillers on breaks and light peels if that is the case so i can still make ends meet and slowly find out what works for me without going big first.

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I actually know exactly where you are coming from.  In May I was going through a very stressful time in my life - my dad, who I am very close with, was diagnosed with cancer, I was also going through a hard move and changing jobs from somewhere I had worked for 7 years prior.  So, I was stressed to say the least.  My hormones were out of whack!
My doctor prescribed me Ortho Tri Cyclen - I took my first pill the beginning of July and WHAM I broke out like NO OTHER..... Literally nodules and 20 cysts on each cheek, it was insane.  For two months I would look in the mirror and not recognize myself. It hurt to put my face on a pillow.

Long story short my skin is still not perfect but it is much better than it was, with cysts all over - just like yours is.  We need to be thankful the actual acne is gone and know that we are still so young and in 5, 10, 15 years things can only get better.  By stressing more about it it is not helping our body to heal.  And it will heal.  You will either be able to afford these treatments in time or you will get to a place where you don't feel like you need them.

I  am reading this book called Skin Deep by Dr. Grossbart and it has helped me a lot with dealing with my skin issues.  Also, journalling - it sounds stupid but much like this, by putting your thoughts and feelings down and getting them out of your head it really helps.  Give your body time to heal, and most importantly, keep loving yourself!

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I am so sorry to hear about your father! but i am glad things are looking up for you. It sucks this birth control stuff i've had friends get completely clear skin with it but mind you they had competent doctors and idk why i didn't ask them for their doc but i had felt that i was in good hands but degrees don't make doctors geniuses either. I'm sorry to hear about your struggle it seems you got off a little better then mine and it might help to let things heal as your skin seems to be under control. Aloe vera from the leaf helped me and sunscreen and retina a .1. I was on it after accutane the 1st time and it helps with texture. I've been off of it for a year becuz am on accutane again and the results for wrinkles last but for texture it's best to use it as directed i used it 5 days a week or everyday depending if my skin could handle. Hopefully things will get better with technology in the future and wish you well on your treatments if you decide to undergo them! I believe after the hyper pigmentation is gone there will only be few noticeable marks on your skin :) yes your right journaling does help and it's funny you mentioned it becus words get stuck in our head with harsh thoughts that warp our reality and unless we see them on paper we don't really know how bad we're self inflicting damage that does not need to be done. I agree that throughout this process mental health is a big priority in healing also.

and yeah i should take a look at that book also it seems interesting and i am kinda a skin/food and exercise junky so this would fit perfectly. 

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It's a great read!  I started reading it when my skin was at its worst and honestly it helped me so much.  There are lots of things you can do such as meditation, positive visualization practices, and different exercises... I know it sounds like mumbo jumbo but really, it helps.

Thank you for your kind words!  Please keep me posted on your progress!

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I will!!! AND Hopefully I will be able to do my treatments so I can share in an album!!!:D I'm just gonna try to keep an open mindset  until then.. that is the hard part. But i mean if you can do then i can do it and if other people can keep faith we can share in knowledge along the way!

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