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Acne scars or bumps on nose

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Hi everyone,

I'm new here and I know it's not new to all of you to hear about acne scars on nose.
I've read some of the threads here but they are not that worst compare to mine.

I've been having a problem on my acne during my college days and after I graduated, I observed that my nose is getting bumps and it's getting worst until now.
Apparently, I have an oily face and my pores is very visible but as of the moment my breakouts is getting lesser I think it has to do with my age 'coz I'm getting older. :)

What can you recommend to get rid of bumps on my nose?
To be honest, it really affects my confidence even if I always have my mantra everyday.
I badly needed your advice, I've been having a lot of research but I want to have an info coming from people here who might have a better option.

Please. Please.


Best regards,





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thats early stages of rhinophyma
these bumps are sebaceous hyperplasia, they will become more proeminent and bigger as the time passes if you dont treat them by now.
my recommendations are electrosurgery, high percentage TCA peels, and CO2 lasers.
u can control the progression of these bumps by doing salycilic acid peels frequently but i doubt it will diminish the bumps that are already there.

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Are those only bumps or do you also have deep nose scars? Anyone else with deep nose scars with success stories? What about TCA cross and needling? I tried needling them with 0.23mm micro needle. those found at mercury drug stores in the Philippines.



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