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Hey!! I have question, I dont suffer from horrific acne, I'm 18 and I get the occasional spot here and there but nothing completely drastic and life changing. I've been exfoliating since February, before then acne in general was non-existent on my face. I guess I just hit a stage of puberty and then whatever is happening made its mark. But my type of acne comes in the form of little white spots on my forehead and chin, I'm guessing there whiteheads there usually just a small bump and they come in clusters of about 3-4 but on my forehead since February they have become gradually worse.

I was on epiduo which didn't clear the whiteheads but stopped them from multiplying, I was on epiduo for about 3 months, my chin became a problematic factor which contributed to my acne, but my chin was covered in red pustule zits that were big lumps and were quite painful to deal with. Funny thing was that epiduo cleared it up pretty quickly, but then it came back and it was on and off for several months... Until I came off epiduo and then the zits on my chin dissapered completely! There are still a few whiteheads there that are closed comodones but there are no more red pustule zits that are big lumps and were pretty hard and miserable to deal with. 

Right now my forehead is my most problematic area, with tons, (I'd say about 30-50) small bumps that in the right light are extremely apparanet and obvious and seeing people look up and become distracted by them makes me really self conscious. Ever since I came off epiduo my forehead got worse while my chin got better, which is what I didn't understand. I have combination dry/oily skin. The only thing I'm currently using is a clean and clear exfoliater which doesn't seem to get rid of them, I'm going to go back on epiduo for my forehead as it kept the situation under control but I want to know how I get rid of these small whiteheads/ bumps on my forehead, they make me awfully self conscious and I just dont get what type of acne this is. 

I started using a natural clay mask and I feel this has been a contributing factor in making the situation worse, more started to appear and they weren't white they were just red which then developed into whiteheads/ closed comedones. I dont know how to see the last of them!! My acne is gradually getting worse I would say which brings me onto the topic of a skincare regime. Can someone tell me what is the difference between exfoliaters and cleansers? Do I need to use both? Do I need to moisturise with oily skin? Whenever I do a face mask it seems to make my skin more oily after and it makes me believe it's drying my skin up? I appreciate anyone for reading this and I'll take any advice. Thank You!!!!

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