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Jennifer Cheung

Quitting BC: cold turkey or weaning off?

Hello everyone,

So after around 7 months of struggle with Yaz, I know it's time for me to give it up, not just because I've been constantly breaking out in cystic acne for the last few months but also because of many other side effects.

Being extremely scared and worried, I did a lot of research and read through many stories of ppl going off birth control. 

It seems that many ppl here advise not quitting it cold turkey but instead to use a pill cutter to wean it off slowly. Although it sounds safer, but it actually doesn't make much sense to me. If I only take a very low dose of the synthetic hormones, wouldn't it be potentially causing other conditions such as breakthrough bleeding or irregular periods? Since the synthetic hormones are still suppressing the production of my own natural hormones. 

Has anyone really tried to wean off of birth control using the pill cutting technique and experienced success? Or did it actually make no difference or make things worse?

thank you so much!

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I am just starting a journey of 6 months weaning off Yasmin, my blog is in Wordpress - (link removed). I have only done one month and so far fine. My wean off is long as I have been on dianette / Yasmin for 23 years (!) which I went on in my early teens for acne and one time off it it all came back quickly. I will keep the blog updated.
take care

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I am interested in doing this as well. I have been on Yaz for about 13 years. I have never heard of weening off of bc, interesting! I'm also on 100mg of spironalactone, so hoping that will help.

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