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If you suffer from severe acne/scars, do NOT have kids.

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We all know the consequences of severe acne and scarring;

-> Isolation.

-> Anxiety.

-> Self-esteem issues.

-> Embarrassment.

-> Stressing over treatments and rotting in a chair browsing Acne.org.

Your son and daughter could face the exact same fate if he or she inherits your acne genetics. By having a child you are potentially setting them up for a sub-optimal and unhappy life, but why? So you can fulfill your biological duty?  That's very selfish and primitive.

And don't mention how we're going to have, or do have cures:

Accutane? Side effects off the charts. Potentially dangerous. Ineffective for some. Finding an acne cure is a pipe-dream.

Scar treatments? Nothing truly super-effective exists.

Don't think any of the above will save your kids.


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Hi ! The way you think is very very wrong . I used to think like you 1-2 years ago but I realised if you are an acne sufferer you will know exactly from your mistakes what to do and how to treat your kid acne from the mild stage . In 15-20 years a looooot of things can change. Look how fast technology evolved . 
3d skin bioprinting is the next technology wich will treat stretch marks / acne scars/burn wounds . It s all over the internet and it s the only thing wich give me hope and help me not to lose my mind. Tons of companies work to develop this first , they are in a healthy competition. Peace!

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My parents didn't have acne though. Only my cousin had some bad acne during his teens. I suppose we should trace 'the acne gene' before having kids? Ohh my great great great grandmother's sister had acne! Shit can't have kids... 

Fucktard, who are you to tell people that they shouldn't have kids? God this is awful. I suppose people who have anything wrong with them shouldn't have kids either? Like diseases, like Parkinson's or are just plain ugly maybe? Perhaps we should all just let the perfect genes produce? Maybe we should make it a law too? Certainly, looking good and being perfect must be the only thing worth it in this world. 

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