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i have rosacea and horrible [closed] comedonal acne almost all over my face and also my entire face but mainly cheeks and jaw are covered in irregular red spots, these are not from acne (i almost never have pimples, the only ones i am getting, rarely, are little whiteheads and that's all, for me everything is pretty much under the skin and mostly on forehead, nose and chin, cheeks are p clear) it's more like a rash but i had it for so long i don't even know when exactly it appeared, it looks so bad, i look like a gecko : / anyway, a week ago i started using finacea, i apply it once a day after washing my face and i moisturize after waiting one or two hours, my problem is that it was supposed to help with redness not increase it and that is exactly what i am experiencing : / after yesterday's application my cheeks were purple :-x i wonder if i may be applying too much of it, i don't know, maybe i am allergic or something? for people that were using azelaic acid, did it have a similar efect on you? will it help eventually or is what i am experiencing abnormal and i should discontinue? i'm afraid with time it will only do more harm, i don't want to ruin my skin for life and i already had a bad experience with differin, i don't use it anymore and did not use it for a year and my skin is still in a bad condition which i am sure is mainly differin's fault : / it did weird things to my face

i'll probably also need to test my hormone levels and have my skin tested for demodex because it's ridiculous and almost impossible how fast my pores are clogging, it's all squeaky clean one day and after i wake up the next it's all clogged, oily and disgusting again, it feels dirty and gross : / something is def not right

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i'm so jealous of pretty much everyone on here, i don't know how these things work for any of you, they (i mean just every topical med in general, finacea/skinoren this time) just dry out my face so much that i literally cannot open my mouth and no amount of moisturizer, oils or water helps, other than that they do absolutely nothing (i mean no they do plenty actually, they irritated my skin so much i look like a burn victim and my face like raw meat so there's that!), it's acid right so it worked pretty good maybe for a week, melting dead skin and unclogging pores, the same effect any kind of peeling has on me but that's all. am i cursed? what's wrong with my skin that nothing works? i don't see the point of using this, or anything else really, i tried everything, i look like freddy krueger, there is no hope for me, i scare random people on the bus, they look at me like i have some kind of disease and they can get it too if they get too close, i feel like a freak, the only thing that could maybe help me is accutane but no derm wants to prescribe it because of all the side effects and the kind of acne i have, i don't know what to do, how on EARTH that happen...

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