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●●●●●Sex Stimulants Cause Pimples & Ugly Scars●●●●●

     There are millions of people in the world who are chronic sufferers of pimples, which disfigure their faces and make them look ugly. Thousands of young people become so desperate and depressed due to the ugliness caused by acne that they even think of committing suicide. 
     Abstinence from sex and the retention of semen for long periods in their bodies by young men can cause or increase the pimples and boils in many of them. The loss of semen due to sexual activity is one cure for the pimples and boils in the men. The regular ejaculation of semen prevents the formation of pus in the bodies of men, and thus stops the eruption of pimples and boils. 
    On the other hand, the SEX STIMULANTS are one of the MOST IMPORTANT causes of pimples, which can result in UGLY SCARS and HOLES on the facial skin of the users.  
     The consumption of aphrodisiacal drugs for sexual stimulation can increase the formation of semen, which can trigger the eruption of pimples and boils in the persons who are prone to the disease. So, if they want to avoid getting pimples and boils, they should NOT use the sex stimulants. 
★★★Vitamin B12 & Cobalt are Sex Stimulants★★★
     Even the excess of Vitamin B12 in the diet causes pimples because Vitamin B12 is an aphrodisiac or SEX STIMULANT!! The excessive consumption of Vitamin B12 or COBALT can lead to the formation of large amounts of semen in sexually normal men. If the semen is retained in the body due to abstinence from sex for a long period, the biochemical ingredients, which otherwise normally form semen, start producing pus, which leads to the formation of pimples and boils in men. 
     Iodine also has aphrodisiacal properties, the excessive consumption of which in the form of iodized salt can make pimples to flare up. Fluoride can be used in a suitable preparation, like the toothpaste, as an antidote for excess iodine. 
     Among the foods, chocolates, spices like cloves, nutmeg, mace, cinnamon, mustard, etc, milk, butter, cheese, yogurt, ice-cream, other milk products, meat, chicken, eggs, fish, other non-vegetarian foods, and some beers can produce aphrodisiacal effects, as many of them are rich in Vitamin B12 and COBALT. Vitamin E and SELENIUM can be used in curing the pimples and boils that are caused by the consumption of such foods, which contain the sex stimulants. 
★★★It is falsely propagated by the BIG PHARMA that the diet has no connection with the incidence of pimples, as they are supposed to be caused only by the genetic factors. Of course, the eunuchs belonging to the neutral third gender, and the castrated persons, do NOT get pimples, even if they eat non-vegetarian foods, chocolate, etc, as their bodies CANNOT produce SEMEN. The sexually weak celibates also do NOT get pimples. Even the old persons who become impotent and sterile do NOT get pimples due to a non-vegetarian diet and chocolate, as their bodies do NOT produce much semen.★★★ 
     For gaining more weight and strength, many athletes, gymnasts, wrestlers and bodybuilders are encouraged through massive publicity to use anabolic steroids, which act like the male sex hormone testosterone. They also consume high-protein non-vegetarian foods, milk and milk products, and iodized salt, which can trigger an eruption of pimples and boils in many of them. Millions of young people who follow such sportsmen and sportswomen by taking anabolic steroids can suffer from the same disease. 
     It is a very massive business for the BIG PHARMA to sell sex stimulants that make pimples and boils erupt in millions of people. Then the BIG PHARMA sells massive quantities of the soothing pimple creams, balms and lotions, as well as the oral drugs like antibiotics, for curing the pimples and boils!!! 
Edited by Ashok T Jaisinghani
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