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When I was about 12 up to the age of 17, I suffered badly with acne, I'm 19 now and for the past couple years I haven't had to deal with really bad skin, maybe a couple spots now and then but never really acne. In the past few weeks my skin has gotten so much worse, I think it's a build up of all the makeup I've been wearing lately, I often wear a full face , but I make sure I wash it all off before bed and clean my face twice a day  

Ive been using Chinese creams and the Indian Aztec face mask, my skin has slightly gotten better but today I've noticed that it's not as great as it was yesterday. I drink a lot of water, drink green tea, avoid dairy as much as I can, and generally do everything I should be doing, and I've also cut down on the amount of makeup I wear, is there anything I can do apart from just be patient ?! I don't want to go to the doctors about it because in the past they haven't ever helped  


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Hi! maybe problem is internal? Try to investigate your organism. Maybe some hormones are not in order. Maybe long stress or anything else. But if everything I said is ok, then maybe you shoul go to the professional cosmetologist and he or she will help you? As for me I also had some problems with my skin, very dry and many wrinkles. My cosmetologist said that I do not make good relax for skin. And my skin also was not very cleaned. I just washed it with soap and that's all. The cosmetologist made me few procedures with us scrubber . And I happy after it. My skin is so perfect and soft. So maybe you also have to try it?

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Sorry to hear about your flare ups.  Most likely you are experiencing them for a couple of different reasons.

1. you have acne-prone skin.  Duh - I know this is obvious right? But not everyone does so while most 13 year olds get a zit occasionally, not all have extreme breakouts like we all do on this site. That is just a genetic gift your parents blessed you with.
2. You are YOUNG and right in the middle of your hormones going absolutely whacky. Most likely once you reach your 20s, you won't have the highs and lows that you experience now but for now, you do and that blows but it is what it is.
3. Your products are not working the way they should.  I have never even heard of using Chinese Creams that you are using and that is saying a lot. I have tried (what I thought) was EVERY.SINGLE.PRODUCT ever made.  And never heard of chinese creams for acne. Aztec masks yes, but I have never heard of it working for acne very effectively long term.  What you need to do is find a TOPICAL treatment that uses Benzoyl (if you are not sensitive to it) or Glycolic Acid or Salicylic Acid and go from there. My current regime that I use I LOVE (Ninja Skincare)... truly the most effective treatment I have ever encountered. 

Morning: wash with balancing cleanser, Sunblock + moisturizer
Evening: Wash, apply mask with sulfur (THAT IS AN AMZING PRODUCT) then topical medication all night (I use the benzoyl 10%)

The product I love the most is the sulfur mask.  I was breaking out periodically still before I used that consistently and now I literally have zero breakouts. My skin is super smooth, my scars have severely diminished and people who I just meet are surprised when I tell them how bad my acne used to be.  It is like... heaven.

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